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- MWPP -

A Marauder Era RPG

MWPP : Marauders RPG
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'I solemnly swear...'

(Other MWPP banners courtesy of Marina: One and Two)


Welcome to MWPP! An RPG livejournal based upon the school days of the Marauders; Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. I'm sure by now you're familiar with such RPs due to the number of ones like it out there. This one is basically no different, only that it's relatively new with more opportunities for RPers to grab a decent role.

BUT we tend to be a little selective about the quality in RP, and member activity. Keep that in mind if you're interested in applying.

I don't want to waste too much time explaining the basics due to the fact most people are already familiar with these kind of RPs. If you'd like to see examples as to style, I'd refer you to nocturne_alley. It's a good example of exactly how this RP will be operating.


Plot? Well, yes, I suppose there's a little bit of one here. Not much though. It's the basic blah blah blah..."Marauders at school", "Voldemort rising to power" stuff. Nothing too in depth to be laid before you now. Most of which will be defined by the playing within the game.

All to be said now is that Death Eaters and their ranks will have to be acknowledging their increasing involvement with Voldemort and other such pro-Voldemort activities. Keep in mind this means the killings/abductions are taking place rather often, throwing the wizarding world into a dark, turmoilous time. Hogwarts may be a sheltered area, but only to an extent.

Imagine a dark shadow lurking over everyday life. Especially for our 6th years who will be graduating within a few years time, and cast into the middle of a war.

This also means the Marauders will also have to be acknowledging increasing involvement in anti-Voldemort activities. (Read more on the Voldemort-related plot here!)

The communication aspect of this RPG is based upon magical journals, due to the fact it's too early in history for computers. It's a simple concept, such as the two-way mirrors. All the students are to keep journals for their Non-Magical Studies class to make improvements on writing ability, penmanship, grammar and other such related aspects. Finding this an opportunity for inter-house communication (and other inter-student communication in general) to improve, the journals have been magically linked. Students are all welcome to correspond through the main board, but are suppose to keep writing in their own journals. Within the game, students are able to access others journals from anywhere via their own journal. If a character would like to make a private entry (i.e. if Remus writes about his lycanthropy, we can't have anyone and everyone reading it IC), then they must do so in a lj-cut that reads "Private" or "Viewable only to (insert name(s))". If your character is not listed, you're welcome to read it OOC, but IC the knowledge is not to be used.

There's a seperate way the Death Eaters are being handled. I refer you to THIS POST for a little light reading.


- The RP is set in 1977, the Marauder's 6th Year at Hogwarts. Given no specifics by JKR, I'm left to judge this timeline based upon clues. Operating via The Lexicon.

- REMEMBER that it is the 70's! Be aware of your time period, and what was available to the world then. Not to mention the styles and fashions when making icons.

- The RP will be played in REAL TIME. The same date it is for you, it is for the characters. If it's August 23 for you, it's Aug 23 for the character. Same thing as to time of day. This helps everyone keep a clear idea of what's happening when.

- This RP will be played strictly according to CANON details. There are many many places where we are allowed to elaborate, but PLEASE play your character according to the books. We will have no "Snape and his now best friend James", or "Lucius the Reformed". If I find this rule being ignored, I will give you a warning. If the warning is ignored, you will be removed.

- We are SLASH-FRIENDLY. But there are certain places where we have to be careful; i.e. James (he has to marry Lily eventually and produce Harry...you can see the complications I'm sure). As well, we can't have the RP dominated by it.

- In follow-up, we do allow swearing and adult materials in regulation. If it gets too dirty, use your judgement and lj-cut it with a warning?

- The main community area will be used as an all student/professor access journal message board. This will be used for announcements, important postings, other group school related messages, and most often AIM RP session logs. No personal chatting or conversation in this area.

- We accept OCs. Only very well written OCs will be accepted. We are looking for certain aspects, and may be hard on OC applicants. The best way to get an OC is play a canon character as well. We have enough available canon characters at the moment. There are several characters that are almost OCs because you'll have to be completely creative as to their personalities, but due to the lack of Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, and Slytherins, we are making allowances. Also, any Professors may be applied for. They're basically OCs themselves.

- Main characters (i.e.; Marauders, Lily, Snape) should post once a week. If you will be gone for awhile, work it into the RP. Give your character a reason for absence if you must. Otherwise inactivity will cause you to lose your character.

- All OOC activity and discussions will take place on mwpp_ooc. You can use this for introducing yourself, and posting other some-what RP related information. A good idea would be posting plot ideas, or discussing a thread with a certain player on there.

- All OWLS will be posted on mwpp_owls. For matters of organization.

- We have a Daily Prophet journal that is updated from time to time with plot feeds. Upon joining please add your_prophet to your friends list.

- If you've read ALL this and are considering applying for a character...type 'I solemnly swear, I am up to no good' at the top of your application.


Green designates characters participating in the DE Network

The Marauders (6th yr) :

James Potter - prongs_by_night
Remus Lupin - mister_moony
Sirius Black - ravenhairapollo
Peter Pettigrew - peter_the_rat

Gryffindor :

6th yr :
Lily Evans - lioness_lily
Emmeline Vance - enchanted_emma
Glenda Chittock - forgottenflower
Andromeda Black - blackpromise

7th yr :
Benjy Fenwick - benjyfenwick
Davy Gudgeon - davygudgeon
Frank Longbottom - thefutureauror

Slytherin :

7th yr :
Narcissa Black - firstborn_black
Rita Skeeter - dish_this

6th yr :
Severus Snape - epans
Anastasia Rosten - anastasia_nagi

5th yr :
Regulus Black - toujournoir

Ravenclaw :

6th Yr :
Erik Lovegood - lovely_lovegood
Hestia Jones - in_bits

7th Yr :
Daniel Wood - lunatic_wood

Hufflepuff :
Alice Hunt (Longbottom) - queen_alice

Adults :

Lucius Malfoy - purestdeath

AVAILABLE CHARACTERS: (if there are others you can think of not on the list, please notify me)

Keep in mind these are all just suggestions of age and houses. We're rather lenient as to switching them around. A lot of the student characters were made younger for more player oppurtunity

Adults/Graduated/Professors :

Albus Dumbledore
Minerva McGonagall
Rubeus Hagrid
Madam Pomfrey
Walden MacNair
Edgar Bones
All Professor Posistions

Others : (If you have your own opinions to house and year, feel free to state such ^^; I just guessed based upon small descriptions)

Bellatrix Black (Slytherin)
Rodolphus Lestrange (Slytherin)
Rabastan Lestrange (Slytherin)
Evan Rosier (Slytherin)
Antonin Dolohov (Slytherin)
(?) Goyle (Slytherin)
(?) Crabbe (Slytherin)
Caradoc Dearborn (Gryffindor) - We have a journal
Dorcas Meadows (Gryffindor)
Fabian Prewett (Gryffindor)
Gideon Prewett (Gryffindor)
Very Young!Bill Weasley (Gryffindor)
Gladys Gudgeon (Hufflepuff)
Gilderoy Lockhart (Hufflepuff)
Dedalus Diggle (Hufflepuff)
Bertha Jorkins (Hufflepuff)
Ludo Bagman (Hufflepuff)
Ted Tonks (Hufflepuff) - We have a journal for you
Marlene McKinnon (Ravenclaw)
Meghan McCormack (Ravenclaw)



Thanks for your time!

- MWPP Community!Moderator (Rem aka Remus)
- MWPP Community!Couldn't-Survive-Without (Ariel aka Sirius/Lucius)

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