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shortest. log. EVER.

OOC: Short Em-and-Lily convo about the James deal. etc.

Lily: Lily sat indian-style in her favourite old squishy armchair next to the fire. Her potions book was opened on the table beside her, a piece of parchment in her lap, and she was scribbling down some things on the parchment.

Emmaline: Emmaline snuck into the Gryffindor common room, smelling quite strongly of a mixture of perfume and smoke. Her heart sunk as she noticed her friend sitting by the fire. Have to tell her, she thought. Oi, this sucks. "...Hey Lil," she started, sitting across from Lily in her usual corner of the couch.

Lily: Lily glanced up at Emma and smiled. "Hey, Emma." She finished off the last sentence of her Potions homework, salted the ink, and rolled up her parchment. Glancing up again, she noticed the .. not so chipper look on Emma's face. "Er, what's up?"

Emmaline: Em tucked her hair behind her ear and began awkwardly. "Ah, right, so I have to talk to you."

Lily: Her eyebrows furrowed a little - she knew this wasn't good. "All right.. I'm listening." Clearing her throat, she bent over and placed the rolled up parchment in her bag, then she moved to grab her Potion's book.

Emmaline: Clearing her throat and starting to chew on her nails, Emmaline was clearly stalling for time. "Right. Right, ah, well...chocolate frog?" She offered, pulling the candy from her purse and tossing it to Lily. "I should just cut to the chase. ...Remember, right, what I told you about blokes, and how they suck?"

Lily: She caught the chocolate frog one-handed and looked back up at Emma. "Yeah..." She pulled her Potion's book into her lap and just stared at Emma, waiting.

Emmaline: "Walked in on James snogging some other girl on the steps," she said, with a sigh. "I'm really, really sorry, love."

Lily: Pausing, she sat there staring at the floor, letting these words sink in. After everything.. claiming he loved me.. going with me to the Yule Ball.. kissing me.. After a few minutes, she shifted, putting her book and the chocolate frog into her bag and she closed it up. "Right. Well.."

Emmaline: "I know, he's a prat," said Emmaline. "I'm just really, really sorry you had to find out like this."

Lily:"No, don't apologise." She looked up, putting on a defiant look but obviously very hurt. "I appreciate you telling me - really." A forced smile was given and she stood. "I, um.. I think I need to go to bed."

Emmaline: Em nodded. "Right, bed is...good. Just, ah...could have been worse, I guess," she offered lamely.

Lily: "Right." She looked at Emma again. "You could have walked in on them shagging." Smirking, she turned and headed for the doorway to the girl's staircase. Then she turned again. "Maybe we should start that 'I Hate Men' club afterall, hm?"

Emmaline: "Yeah, not sounding like such a bad idea," she said, laughing humorlessly.

Lily: "Fantastic." She turned once more and went through the doorway, up the stairs into their dorm. Dropping her bag beside her bed, she crawled onto her bed, pulled the curtains around her, and curled up, feeling number than she ever had.
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