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[ Em and Lily have a bit of girl talk in their dorms. ;) ]

Emmaline sat on her bed up in the girls' dorms, idly watching a tiny black and white kitten bat around a toy snitch. Getting bored, she scooped the kitten up into her lap and letting it nibble at her finger for a minute. Merlin, I'm bored, she thought.

The dorm door opened and in same a young red-haired girl, clutching a book to her chest. She glanced around to the two other sleeping girls (since Hestia was away for the holiday) and smiled at Emma. "Why're you still awake?"

Emma grinned and wiggled her eyebrows at her friend. "Lily, I'll sleep when I'm dead. Come on. Besides, why are you, hey?"

She gestured to the book a bit. "Reading and keeping an eye on the common room." Kicking off her shoes, she crawled onto her bed, placing the book on her bedstand and sighed a bit.

"Ah, drunk patrol. Fantastic." Noticing Lily's sigh, she looked up with a raised eyebrow. "Something wrong?"

"Oh, no." She smiled again. "Just a bit tired." Her eyes caught sight of Emma's kitten and her smile broadened into a grin. "So, how's your kitten?"

Em looked down at the kitten and grinned. "You're just absolutely precious, aren't you, Jack, sweetie," she cooed, tickling his stomach and giggling as he bit at her finger. Looking back up at Lily, she grimaced. "Tell me I did not just baby talk the cat. Here, want to hold him?"

"Haha, you did." She grinned, holding out her hands to take the kitten. Pulling him into her, she purred softly and scratched it behind the ears. "Aw, he's so precious.." She rocked Jack in her arms a bit, beaming down at him.

Em wrinkled her nose. "Which we are not going to tell anyone, thank you. Last thing I need is for rumours to start flying that Emmaline Vance was seen, like, getting her cat drunk and making passes at it, or whatever they'd come up with." She laughed, watching as Jack batted at Lily's arms. "Yeah, isn't he?"

She giggled, nuzzling the kitten a bit and grinning widely. "I promise I won't tell anyone about your getting Jack drunk and hitting on him." A wink was offered at Emma, she placed a quick kiss on the end of the kitten's nose, before handing him back.

"Haha, good plan," she said, taking the kitten back and letting him sniff at her neck. "So, uh, how was the ball, hey? You never gave me details!"

Her face immediately went a light shade of pink and she glanced away, moving over to her trunk. She opened it, pulling out her nightgown, and began to change. "It was good.."

"Oh, just good, hm?" Em said casually, supressing a smirk. "Jack, love, cut that out," she muttered to the cat as he started to knaw on the end of her hair.

"Yeah, just.. er, good." She cleared her throat some, pulling her hair out of it's braid, clearly avoiding eye contact with Emma. "I enjoyed myself. It wasn't anything special."

"So, if I were to ask anyone, they'd say I didn't miss anything, is that what you're saying?" Her smirk widened into an evil grin and she supressed a laugh. "You're a bloody awful liar, by the way."

"R-right." Her voice cracked a bit and she grabbed her hairbrush, beginning to brush her hair. "Didn't miss a single thing worth repeating. Er.. heh." She let out a nervous laugh.

"Oh come on, out with it," Em said, rolling her eyes. She felt her patience growing thinner by the second. "I know you're going to tell me anyway, might as well get it over with."

Lily sighed again and leaned back against her bed's headboard. "Yeah, I know. Fine." She smirked a bit and glanced at Emma. "Right, well.. you know James and I went together, right? Well, we.. er.. were dancing.. and ended up underneath some mistletoe." She blushed brightly. "I know it's not the first time we've kissed, but still.."

Emmaline grinned at Lily, trying to ignore the fact that she couldn't help but feel a bit jealous. "So you'll snog Potter in front of the whole school, and yet you're too embarrassed to even tell me about it? Scuse me, but that's backarsewards, is what it is." She laughed lightly.

"We didn't snog.. and hardly anyone noticed." I hope. "But right, anyways. Sorry. I just tend to.. keep those things to myself. I'm not even sure if James has told anyone." She blushed again and smiled nervously.

Em laughed again. "Nah, you know I'm just teasing. But right, so are you two like...a thing now, or do you not know, or..." she grinned. "Sodding hell, DETAILS, Evans!"

She burst out in a soft giggle-fit and shook her head. "No, not a thing .. still just, well, friends.." A content smile was placed on her face now, tucking her knees in to her chest and wrapping her arms around her knees. "And honestly? I'd prefer keeping on a friend-level.. the last time it went farther, something screwed it up, and I don't want that to happen again."

Emmaline scowled this time, and only half-playfully. "Right, let me tell you, there is no such thing as "just friends," cause you think you're just friends, and then you're not, and then they sodding fuck you over..." She paused for a moment and forced a laugh. "

Lily's eyes went a bit wide at Emma's sudden out-burst, and she shifted a bit, frowning. "I know he hurt you, but really.. maybe you two should just spend some time apart - and I don't mean permenantly - but give him a chance to get over you, and you a chance to get over him.. and start over?"

Em shook her head, sighed, and smiled a bit sadly. "He doesn't need time to get over me, see, as apparently he never gave a shit anyway." She chewed on her nail thoughtfully. "Nah, look, sorry. Didn't mean to change the subject."

She frowned a bit more, reached over, and placed a hand on Emma's knee gently. "I really don't think I can believe that he never cared about you. He does, okay? I can tell."

"No, look, I mean...right," she said taking a deep breath. "Don't feel like talking about it." Then, after a short pause, she scooped the kitten off the bed and kissed him on the top of his head. "Jack loves me, see?" She said, with an exaggerated grin.

Sighing a little, she moved her hand away and back into her own lap, smiling at the kitten. "That he does." With another bit of a sigh, she moved her blanket back and crawled underneath it. "Anyways, did you like your Christmas presents?"

"'Course I did. Thank you, by the way. Think I have enough liquor to last me the rest of my time at Hogwarts, which is brill, haha, because I'll need it."

She grinned. "Well, butterbeer isn't exactly liqour.. I figured you'd get more than enough firewhiskey from people. Though, you know, technically.. I should take it away, being a prefect and all and you not being of age." She stuck her tongue out and giggle.

"Oh, I know, was referring to what everyone else got me, haha." Em looked at Lily worriedly. "You wouldn't! That's just not on, right, lord knows I could use a drink...right about now sounds good, actually."

"Haha! Well, no, I wouldn't.. but I should. I think those boys have rubbed off on me too much." Her expression faltered a bit and she smirked. "But you know what? Because I'm odd and it's the holidays, mind if I share in on that drink?"

"Rubbed off on, is that what you call it?" Em smirked and pulled a bottle of firewhiskey out from under the bed. "You didn't see that," she said, taking a shot glass from the drawer in her nightstand and pouring Lily a shot.

"See what? I've done blind." She grinned, taking the shotglass. "Well, here's, to.. uh.. I have no idea?" Raising an eyebrow, she quickly down the shot and coughed a bit. "Augh. Don't drink often, if hardly ever."

"You should start doing so...I mean, uh, right, drinking is bad," Em laughed, taking a shot herself, although much more easily than Lily. "Here's to true friends, who aren't total and complete sodding prats," she toasted.

"Cheers!" Lily grinned, pouring herself another shot, and downing it a bit easier than the last. "You know, I'm such a lightweight, I'll probably be completely gone come the next shot."

"Not a bad thing," Emmaline said, laughing. "I'll be sure to take pictures and owl them to James."

Lily blinked and flushed bright pink again. "You know, at least this time I'm getting smashed in my own dorm so I can sleep in my own bed, unlike last time."

"What time would that be, again? Oh, yeah, the time you slept with Potter," Em laughed, pouring a shot and moving the cat away from the bottle. "No, none for you," she laughed.

Instead of pink, she was now red (her face went quite nicely with her hair). "Well, at least you didn't say I shagged him or some bollocks."

"Well, right, that's implied," she grinned.

Her eyes narrowed, and she pouted a bit, taking the shot glass from Emma's hands and downing it's contents. Then she swayed a little and cracked a bit of a grin. "Well, just so you know, I didn't."

Em laughed and rolled her eyes. "Horrible liar..." She was just joking, of course, but there was nothing quite as funny as watching her roommate get worked up over nothing.

Her face stayed pink, but that was due to the alcohol. Blinking a little, she giggled softly and shook her head. "I am not! Okay, well, maybe I am. But I still didn't shag James!"

Em took two shots in rapid succession and nodded in mock seriousness. "Sure, sure. Whatever you say, haha."

She stuck her tongue out and raspberried Em, hiccoughing in the process. "I didn't! Though it wouldn't exactly be a bad thing though.." After a moment, she giggled loudly and slapped a hand over her mouth.

Em leaned back against her headboard, taking a swig of the firewhiskey straight from the bottle. "Right, hang on while I owl James, then."

"No you won't!" Lily sreeched a bit and flung herself on Emma's bed, giggling still. "He's not to know that! Ever!"

"Right," she said, still smirking calmly. "He won't know, until you actually shag him, in which case he'll have concrete proof."

"Actually shag him? Pfft, yeah right.." She smirked, but then it turned into a grin. "I highly doubt that'll ever happen."

"See that's what you say now, haha."

Lily raised an eyebrow and grinned even more. "What the sodding hell makes you think I'll shag him? You're not a seer!"

Em rolled her eyes. "Fine, have it your way, I was just trying to brass you off, haha."

"Eh. You don't really brass me off." She yawned and shook her head. "I should sleep before I decide to drink anything else."

Em took the bottle from Lily, taking one last swig and screwing the cap back on. "Right-o," she said, laughing. "Bed it is, even if it isn't with James Darling, like we all know you wish it was"

She smirked, and crawled back over to her own bed and under the covers. "There's always my dreams, hm?"

Emmaline grinned, rolled her eyes and flopped down onto her bed, pulling the covers over her. "Right, right. Still say it would do you some good, haha."

"What?" She mumbled it out, her eyes aleady closed, and nearly asleep.

"Pfft, nevermind, Sweet Dreams," Em laughed. "Go to sleep."

"M'sleepin' 'lready.." She groaned, rolled over, and was gone.
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