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(( OOC: We're quickly headed towards the 100th log mark! Here's one step closer. A little R/S encounter involving owls, Peeves, and even a cameo by Mrs. Norris. ))

Remus: With several loud squawks, Argent (aka 'Bludger') put up a good fight keeping his leg almost inaccessible to Remus' groping hands. The winter wind blowing in the open castle tower did not improve Remus' patience with the owl that night. Several well chosen words were spoken as he tipped the owl right off his perch and into open hands. "Lazy owl." The werewolf reprimanded softly, tying the scroll tightly to the owl's leg. Once he felt sure the letter was going nowhere, he walked purposefully to the window and dropped the bird out of it. Too much hassle to send letters when that creature wasn't in the mood for late night deliveries.

Sirius: Sirius turned the corner and caught sight of the owlery door just in time to be treated to a particularly loud squawk. He winced at the noise and scrunched up his face; his memory of that noise was quite clear, as it had woken him up once over the summer during his several day long exchange of letters with said owl's owner. Perhaps he should have met with Remus at the dorm again, he thought, but by the time he actually reached the door itself Bludger was nowhere to be seen. "Sounds like you were torturing that thing," Sirius said, and put out his cigarette before the inevitable complaint could make itself known.

Remus: "Maybe in his opinion." Remus said, dusting his hands off on his thighs before turning around to face Sirius, "In mine, making him do his job isn't quite torture. Our views differ on the matter." He concluded with a slight shake of his head. Treading lightly over the dirty floor, he ducked out of the draft and closer to the doorway.

Sirius: Sirius chuckled and slipped the unlit cigarette back into his trouser pocket, and left his hand there as well. "So," he said, glancing over toward the window, "So, right, let me guess. Owling your mum?"

Remus: "No, my secret muggle girlfriend." Remus replied, smiling slightly, "I didn't want to tell you, but here you've dragged it out of me." He brushed past Sirius to move into the stairwell, where it wasn't quite as cold, dirty, or noisy.

Sirius: Sirius blinked. And scowled. And then followed Remus, and leaned against the wall. "...right, see, that's not on. Trying to make me twitch, aren't you," he muttered, and kicked at the ground lightly.

Remus: "Or trying to make you laugh a bit at a completely insane notion." Remus said with a light laugh, "But you're welcome to twitch. Whichever you prefer." He followed Sirius' example and leaned back against the stones for support.

Sirius: "Well! It's not that insane; you're bloody adorable, aren't you!" Sirius grinned, and looked over at Remus, who was, in his opinion, even more adorable than last time he'd looked. "How about I laugh *and* twitch, eh? Seems like a good compromise. Not at the same time though, on account of that making me look like a spastic pigeon which is not on and would ruin my image entirely."

Remus: "Spastic pigeon? Oyi." Remus laughed, realizing just how relieved he felt to be on good terms with Sirius again as he did. "I don't know though, could be an interesting new image for you. And I'll be the new Don Juan, with all my admirers I owl at all hours of the night."

Sirius: Sirius visibly, and exaggeratedly, twitched. "...Augh!" He said with a grin. "You're just *cruel* is what you are!" He chuckled softly, and pushed his hair out of his eyes. Quickly, he bit back his need to reach over and ruffle Remus' hair, or just generally touch him. For the moment, anyway. He also bit back a joke about owling his own admirers; touchy ground, really, after Em. " right," he said, quietly. "How's your holiday been so far, then?"

Remus: Remus raised an eyebrow at the switch to small talk but went along with it. Shifting his gaze to the opposing stone wall he answered, "I can't complain too much. Aside for some rather expensive gifts I've received." He eyed Sirius to punctuate the comment, "Which really were not necessary in any way one thinks about it."

Sirius: Sirius rolled his eyes. "Oi, Moony! They were perfect for you, what was I supposed to do!"

Remus: "Use common sense?" Remus suggested, shrugging his shoulders, "When my birthday comes around I'll remember to charm your coin purse to bite your hand off if any purchases are attempted. I'd have been happy with a few sugar quills, and a new bottle of ink."

Sirius: "You got sugar quills anyway?" Sirius grinned and turned to face Remus, his shoulder against the wall now. "...could get you ink too! I wouldn't mind, hey? And keep your charms off my coin purse, oi."

Remus: Remus sighed, dropping his head back against the wall. "Impossible." He muttered to the ceiling, and decided they weren't getting anywhere on that line of talk. Time to turn the conversation back Sirius' way, "...How's your vacation been then?"

Sirius: "Brilliant," Sirius said, his voice low. "...especially that dance. Really, never thought I'd enjoy a dance where I'm absolutely not the center of attention, and am in face trying to deflect it desperately." He finally gave in, and traced the contour of Remus' ear with his index finger.

Remus: "Worry about your image. It isn't going to be much when someone discloses exactly how bloody sappy you can be." Remus smiled, brushing Sirius' hand away from his ear on reflex more than anything.

Sirius: "Right, well, I think I already gave that away myself," Sirius said, grimacing a bit from the memory of his little journal outburst. "...and you know I don't *really* care what people think of me." He trailed his rejected finger down Remus' neck instead. "...also, I'm not sappy!" Self-contradiction was always fun.

Remus: Remus reached up and took hold of the restless finger, turning his body to face Sirius in the same fashion Sirius had earlier. "You do realize that was a completely contradictory statement?" He chuckled, releasing the finger back to its owner on mental parole, "But I get a vote here, and I'm leaning towards sappy."

Sirius: The finger immediately went back to being evil, and ran its way across lips gently. "...well. If you don't mind, I don't mind," Sirius said, and drew a deep, calming breath... which utterly failed to stop his thoughts from wandering into wicked territory.

Remus: "I don't mind. In moderation." Remus smiled, catching Sirius by the wrist. He hesitated a moment, seeming to quickly flick through a few options mentally, before kissing the finely textured fingertip. He kept his eyes down, releasing the hand once again as he rethought his actions.

Sirius: And then Sirius' wicked thoughts turned to wicked *and* sappy thoughts instead, and for a moment, he stood there, just watching Remus. "...can't seem to help myself around you," he said softly, and leaned over, brushing his lips against Remus' cheek.

Remus: "Then it seems I only have myself to blame." Remus replied quietly, being the Sirius was so close volume wasn't too necessary. Again with hesitant motions as was becoming quite typical, the werewolf raised a hand to Sirius' dark locks of hair, tentatively handling the strands to begin with.

Sirius: Sirius kissed below Remus' ear, and then his cheek. He shivered at the feeling of Remus' fingers on his hair. "...I wouldn't call it *blame*," he whispered, "More like..." He ran through a variety of possible ends to that sentence before settling back on, ", blame, why not. I think I'll convert to Moony worship. Is that sappy?"

Remus: "Then I deserve a point. He who claims to have invented Wormtail, among various other things, worships me?" Remus laughed briefly referencing a conversation they had had in Hogsmeade once. Taking a step closer to Sirius as he did, "Just remember, you anger the deity with offerings."

Sirius: Sirius laughed too, and wrapped an arm around Remus' waist. "...I'll take my chances," he muttered, and kissed Remus again, this time just beside his lips. "Besides. I've got other things to offer you than just... a bunch of presents and all, which won't stop me from giving them, by the way."

Remus: Remus bumped his forehead against Sirius', fingers sinking more confidently into the hair, "Do I even want to wonder about those offerings?" He asked, giving Sirius the best suspicious look he could in their current position.

Sirius: "Anything and everything," Sirius whispered. He tipped his head slightly, and kissed Remus gently once, then again. "But you know how my mind words. Wicked, Remus, just *wicked.*"

Remus: "I figured as much." Remus said, good natured. Speaking of how minds work, once again Sirius had pushed the right buttons to switch of Remus' brain for the night. Little thought given to the negative aspects that still needed to be addressed. More thought given in the line of how much he'd missed moments like these spent with Sirius. Giving in to these influences, he returned a short kiss.

Sirius: "You know me," Sirius muttered, and moved closer one more time to close the gap between them entirely. He threaded his free hand through Remus' hair, Sirius kissed him again with growing passion. His mind wasn't working properly to begin with; it never was with Remus near, but now it had turned off just as completely as his companion's.

Peeves: Unannounced, and unwelcome, a third party suddenly appeared in a cackle of noise. The poltergeist's amusement drew quiet as he came upon the scene in the dim torchlight, "Well well well!" Peeves crowed loudly after a moment, "Kissy kissy after curfew!!!"

Remus: Remus drew back from Sirius quickly in a bit of surprise, face reddening at the current predicament. It would figure Peeves would appear at the most opportune time.

Sirius: Sirius scowled and turned to face Peeves, who clearly had the worst timing of anyone, ever, in the history of the universe. "Right, get out of here, what do you care anyway?" He waved a hand irritably.

Peeves: Peeves laughed, rolling back in amusement there in mid-air, "Kissy kissy kissy!!!" He sang in a very obnoxious tone, "Mr. Filch would surely love to join in!"

Sirius: Sirius growled, and wished *quite* hard for something to throw. Not that it would help exactly, other than blowing off some steam. "...right, if he calls Filch... that's a problem," he mumbled instead, and glanced to Remus.

Remus: Remus nodded his head already eyeing their escape route down the stairs.

Peeves: Peeves leaned towards the pair, obviously trying to get a better look at who the two guilty parties were. "What is that little lovebirds? I can't hear you! You say you want Filch to join you then?" He drew back, clearing his throat dramatically, "BREAKING CURFEW!!!!!!" He bellowed, the sound carrying impressively through the silent stone castle.

Sirius: "Oh. Bloody. *Hell.*" Sirius threw a uselessly threatening look at Peeves before glancing back at Remus. He gave a quick nod in the direction of the stairs and started for started down immediately, trying to keep an eye out for Mrs. Norris. He wasn't in a rush to get yet another detention, and worse, he *really* wasn't in a rush to get Remus into trouble, particularly with the prefect factor in play.

Remus: Remus took his cues from Sirius, trailing on his heels down the stone steps as quick as gravity allowed. No, getting in trouble was not exactly in the plans for tonight. Detention wasn't a priority. As they reached the bottom of the steps, glinting red eyes could just be seen turning into their hallway as Mrs. Norris rushed to the call. Peeves' echoing laughter was evidence enough that this had made him quite amused.


Sirius: After a good chase, and a very short escape, Sirius climbed through the portrait hole and back into safe ground, drowning a bit in relief. Immediately, he burst into laughter, and pounded his fist lightly on the wall. "...right, that wasn't incredibly... sodding... close."

Remus: Remus sank into one of the common room's many armchairs, breathing heavily, "Nothing like Filch to make sure your heart is working.." He said, trying to regulate his breathing back into more normal patterns. A smile tugged at his lips though as he reviewed the situation in a safer setting.

Sirius: Sirius raised an eyebrow, and gave Remus his most charming, suggestive smirk. "Nothing? I am offended, Moony," He swiped his hair out of his eyes. "...what the hell time is it, anyway?"

Remus: Remus rolled his eyes, choosing to ignore Sirius' remark. "Late," he said, before pushing up his sweater sleeve to reveal the exact hour. Correction: Really late. He had headed up to the Owlery sometime around midnight, and Sirius had proved to be a lengthy distraction since then. Time slips away.

Sirius: "Very precise of you, Mr. Lupin, well done." Sirius grinned, but the smile faded a bit as he glanced to the staircase. "...well, I suppose we ought to go to bed then or... some rot," he said, more than reluctant to let the their little outing end.

Remus: "Very observant of you, Mr. Black." Remus smirked, getting to his feet, "We should. In order to be up at a decent hour anyway." He glanced back down at his watch again, and returned his gaze to Sirius just as fast. "Just one thing before we go to bed…"

Sirius: Sirius tipped his head. "What's that, hm?"

Remus: "I didn't get a proper chance to thank you for the gifts." Remus said, shrugging in nervous gesture as he looked away, "So, I just wanted to say thank you."

Sirius: Sirius drew closer to Remus, watching him, and absorbing the look of him. The nervous gestures. That sideways glance. Little things he'd missed. "I like the way you tug your sleeve," he said softly.

Remus: Remus turned back to him, raising an eyebrow, "C'mon Paddy. You're getting delirious with lack of sleep." He chided. Sirius still had a flare for random moments it seemed.

Sirius: Sirius shook his head. "Just thinking about all the things about you... it's hard to explain. So, right. I won't. But I do like it. And I like the way you look away when you're uncomfortable. And the way you smile. And your fingers."

Remus: Remus closed the space between them quickly. Giving Sirius no time prepare, he stole a lingering kiss before stepping back, "Goodnight, Padfoot." In his mind, that seemed a wonderful solution to the situation. Quiet the other boy, and get them off to bed.

Sirius: Sirius smiled a bit, through the surprise. Pleasant surprise. Very pleasant. "...night," he said, then, not quite as quietly. "...Remus?"

Remus: "Hm?" Remus wondered, as usual.

Sirius: A glance toward the stairs, and Sirius furrowed his brow for a moment. " Come with me?" He frowned, seemingly realizing that didn't necessarily make sense, and added, " bed. To sleep, I mean. It's just... easier with you... always was." Not quite as lightly approached as he'd like.

Remus: And like a switch, his brain turned back on. "...Can't." Remus answered after a rather awkward pause. A few expressions quickly flew across his face, trying to think of something appropriate to follow that with. It probably seemed ridiculous to Sirius after everything...but.."I'm sorry." He just couldn't find it in himself to surrender that much. Not yet.

Sirius: Sirius nodded a bit. "Right, don't apologize." He made a concerted effort not to look away. The very last thing he wanted to do was make Remus feel... guilty, or uncomfortable. Or anything. That, after all, was his job, at this point anyway. " you, you know," he said. "And... don't say anything. Didn't say it to hear it back."

Remus: Remus nodded his head lightly, "Mm...bed then." He said quickly, and turned to lead the way up to the dorms. Right...more than time to sleep now. In separate beds.

Sirius: Sirius sighed, mentally kicked himself a few times, which he was getting quite good at, and followed for a moment before adding, "...I'm such an arse. Lucky you put up with me." He said it lightly, but not without meaning.

Remus: "Be an arse a bit quieter, you'll wake Peter and James up." Remus whispered, putting a finger to his lips as they neared their dorm.

Sirius: Sirius scowled, which at least was silent. Once the door was open, and just before they'd passed through, he leaned over and kissed Remus on the shoulder. "Night, Moony," he whispered, and slipped by, disappearing into the shadowy room.

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