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AIM log: Reg/Cissy

((OOC: Regulus gets Narcissa to tell him what happened with Sirius in the Library. Things get a bit shoutey at the end, which is kind of odd since Reg is licking Cissy's arse most of the time. XD Takes place during the lunch hour))

Narcissa: Narcissa was half-sitting in on a sofa in the Slytherin common room, staring into space, leaning against Rodolphus LeStrage as the latter stroked her hair. Her journal was lying beside her on the nearest table. She was feeling oddly comforted to have Rudy here but also a bit exposed being in the common room. Unfortunately today of all days Rudy's roommates refuse dot budge and let him have the room for a few hours. Good thing it was lunch time and the common room was nearly empty.

Regulus: Regulus muttered the password and entered the Slytherin common room. His stomach gave a little growl as he did so, but this he ignored. He simply *had* to get some more work done. In his arms he carried a smallish pile of books; some borrowed from the Library, some of his own. He started to make his way across the seemingly empty room, when he noticed that the room was not as empty as he first thought. There, on a sofa with Rodolphus, was Narcissa. He hadn't planned on finding her until later in the day, but since the oppotunity had presented itself...he thought he may as well take advantage of it. "Narcissa? What are you doing here?" he queried

Narcissa: Narcissa recognized Regulus' voice. She raised her head barely, only to make a gesture of noticing him and answered "Same as you I imagine. Skipping lunch."

Regulus: Regulus gave a brief nod of acknowledgement to Rodolphus, before continuing to speak to Narcissa. "Well then. Since you're here, I don't suppose you'd mind talking to me, would you?" his voice was cold, but nowhere near as cold as it had been the previous day when talking to her.

Narcissa: Narcissa gave him a glance. Rudy continued to stroke her hair. "I don't mind talking to you Regulus, but I'm not sure I should after our last chat in person."

Regulus: Regulus stopped himself from rolling his eyes. He was starting to understand why Sirius disliked her so much. He sighed. "Fine. But I stand by my last reply in my journal." He then noticed her journal placed, shut, on the table next to the sofa. "That is if you read my last reply"

Narcissa: "I told you, I had to shut the journal," she said looking at her fingernails "so I don't know what you're talking about" she looked back at Regulus.

Regulus: Regulus turned his attention to Rodolphus. "Do you mind if I speak to my cousin alone, please?" his tone was somewht lighter, but still retained much of his annoyance

Narcissa: Rodolphus stopped touching Cissy's hair. He bent down to look at her face and said only "Go, I'll see you later." And sat up fully.
"Sure", Rodolpjus then replied to Regulus. As he rose Narcissa squeezed his hand gently for a second.
b>Regulus:</b> Regulus sat in an armchair almost opposite to the sofa Narcissa was resided. "Thanks" he said to Rudolphus as he left. Turning back to Narcissa, he leaned forward. "So" he said, "What happened?" his tone was much softer than it had been previously, though this was more for persuasion purposes than actual sympathy

Narcissa: Narcissa fixed her hair and sat up straight on the sofa, crossing her legs. She gave Regulus a look but it was lacking animosity or unpleasantness. "Oh nothing. Just that it took 5 people to pull That Bastard off of me in the library."

Regulus: Regulus was slightly taken aback. Well, he wasn't expecting *that*. He knew Sirius could be violent sometimes, and towards Narcissa once or twice, but he'd never actually known him to actually attack a girl. "You're joking right...." he said "Really?"

Narcissa: Narcissa gave him a look. "No, Regulus, I'm not joking. He said he'd kill me too, right in front of everyone the bloody maniac."

Regulus: Regulus shifted himself in his chair. One on hand, he thought that Narcissa deserved what she got. She shouldn't have put up the pictures in the first place. But on the other hand, he was angry at Sirius for going balistic on her. It was all rather confusing. He breathed out heavily. "Well that's not on" he said quietly, still mulled over his contradicting thoughts in his mind

Narcissa: Narcissa observed Regulus' quiet response. She took his behavior to mean a disguised embarrassment over treating her roughly before "It isn't your fault, he was born this way." She said in a tone that was not quite soft but not harsh either. "Hopefully he'll die that way too. Soon."

Regulus: Regulus was still thinking. When he heard Narcissa say 'Hopefully he'll die that way too. Soon', his attention was suddenly recaptured. "What do you mean 'soon'?" he said, rather sharper than he intended.

Narcissa: Regulus' tone seemed strange to Narcissa, like he'd been alarmed. She thought the statement would calm him, if anything, after those photos. "I mean I hope he stops polluting the air with his breath as soon as possible." She explained.

Regulus: "Oh right" Regulus said, slightly relieved. The last time Sirius had been intended to die or at least be caused a huge amount of pain, it had been him to set him up. And Regulus was in no hurry to do that again. "Look Narcissa, I'm still hacked off. I really don't like having people talking about me as I'm walking down the corridors. It's not exactly nice, you know."

Narcissa: Narcissa looked at the couch to avoid from rolling her eyes. Regulus was being ridiculous. "I don't know the feeling personally Regulus but I can imagine. It's unfortunate that it turned out the way it did but there was nothing else to do, really."

Regulus: "Well then you're bloody lucky then aren't you?" Regulus said "And no other way? I hardly believe you on *that*!" His anger at her was beginning to boil again. He decided it would probably be best to leave, to avoid doing anything worthy of Sirius. "I've got some work that I want to get finished before the end of lunch. I'll speak to you later, ok?" his tone was a forced calmness.

Narcissa: Narcissa recognized that Regulus was trying to void further discussion and couldn't help but scold "Merlin Regulus, I can't believe you're behaving this way, this is your brother we're talking about. And he just got his due and all you do is act offended? Your problems will be gone within the week, what I've done to him will be remembered until he gets out of school at least." She was getting angry herself that he failed to see how wonderful this was for some reason "You had Bella take those photos yourself, you were the one who wanted him exposed to Auntie and everyone else!" she was staring at him with a bit of a scowl now, failing to understand how he could react this way.

Regulus: Regulus knew she was right about him being the one to get Bellatix to get the photos in the first place, but couldn't stand it. It wasn't his fault. He wouldn't accept that. "If you're trying to tell me that it's partly my fault then you can just sod the hell off, because it's not! And I know it's Sirius we're talking about I'm not thick. The reason I'm acting al 'offended' is because I don't particularly like the affects all this has had on me! And I don't care if it'll be gone within a week because it's still humiliating!" His anger was rising, he almost stopped half-shouting at this point, partly shocked that he'd been talking this way to Narcissa of all people, since he had never shouted at her before. "You just don't care because it hasn't affected your perfect bloody life in any way. Argh! You are so selffish sometimes!" He sat there for a few seconds, breathing heavily, both fists half clenched.

Narcissa: Narcissa had sat quietly, shocked, through his rant. She looked at his intently and tried to make heads and tails of what this little outburst had REALLY meant. "If you ever speak to me that way again I swear I'll put aside everything for a minute and hex your bloody pants off." She made it as clear as possible with her steely voice. "I was not affected Regulus?" he voice was quiet and calm "I was bruised and thrown to the floor of the library, nearly chocked to death in front of everyone. And if he hadn't been pulled off of me…you call that unaffected Regulus?!" her voice was still quiet, but no as calm and underneath the surface she felt her blood boil with the memory of it. She got up from the couch "Merlin you're such a prat sometimes." And started walking towards the boys' dormitories, intending to look for Rudy. She had no desire to continue the conversation.

Regulus: Regulus simply sat there as she walked off, slightly trembling. He would have said something to her, had he any idea of what to say. He felt his head would burst through having so many things all mixed up in there. He didn't know what he thought right now. He covered his face with his hands. Eventually he got up and left the common room. He'd have to do that extra work someother time.
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