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Danny and Lovely Log!

Erik: Erik hadn't barely been seen since the owl arrived for him at breakfast. He hadn't let Danny see the letter, and left the table almost right away. He avoided people in classes, and wasn't seen again until it was nearly curfew, when he quietly entered his House's common room,
looking distraught. He scanned the room quickly, his blonde hair dishelved, and his face lpale. He wiped his eyes quietly, and found Danny sitting by the fire. He walked over to him. "Can we go upstairs? To my bed?" his voice was soft, and not vague like it usually was. He bit his lip, and glanced around quietly.

Danny: Danny looked up. His eyes widened as he took in Erik's appearance. "Of course."

Erik: He nodded, and took Danny's hand, almost dragging him up there. In his other hand, the letter was clutched. He was shaking a little, and his hands were like ice, as though he had been outside.

Danny: Once they were alone in Erik's room, Danny wrapped his arms around the boy. "What's wrong?"

Erik: Erik wrapped his arms around Danny, and buried his face into the other boy's chest. "My mom's at St.Mungo's." he whispered. "She's really sick...they don't know what it is..."

Danny: Danny hissed. "Oh, love." He hugged Erik as tightly as he could. "I'm sorry."

Erik: He hugged back, and let out a whimper. "Nonna wants me home for the holidays..." he whispered. "I'm leaving a day early..." He closed his eyes. "oh, Merlin, Danny...I...mom..."

Danny: Danny kissed Erik's forehead. "Do they know anything at all?"

Erik: He shook his head. "They think it's...it's magic induced..." He whispered. "But that's it..." he closed his eyes. "Oh, Merlin, Danny, I'm worried...." He whimpered. "I don;t want...want my mom to-"

Danny: "She won't," Danny said quickly. "She'll be fine. I know this."

Erik: He whimpered, and hugged Danny. "Nonna said if you wanted, you could stay with me." he whispered. "But...I mean, I don't want to ruin your holiday...the dance..."

Danny: "Do you want me to stay with you?"

Erik: "I don't want to ruin your holiday..." he said softly, looking down.

Danny: Danny gently lifted Erik's chin. "If you want me to come with you, then I will."

Erik: Erik blushed. "I love you.." he whispered. "I..I...it...it'd be ...I..." he gulped. "I'd feel better with you along..." he admitted.

Danny: "I love you too," Danny said quietly. "If you want me to come home with you, then I will."

Erik: He closed his eyes. "I'd really, really appreciate it..." he whispered.

Danny: Danny kissed him softly. "Then I'll owl Da and Mam tomorrow and ask them."

Erik: He kissed back softly. "I'll...I'll owl my reply to nonna..." he murmured.

Danny: "Do you want to go owl her now?"

Erik: He shook his head. "Curfew." he reminded him quietly.

Danny: "Oh." Danny said. "How did it get so late anyway?"

Erik: "D-don't know..." Erik said, sitting on his bed. He began to strip off his clothing.

Danny: Danny sat next to Erik and rubbed his back gently.

Erik: Erik closed his eyes. "Thanks..." he said softly.

Danny: "You're welcome, love."

Erik: He sighed softly, and laid down. "Do you have your quaffle?" he asked, wanting to make sure that Danny had it before he got comfy.

Danny: "'ve got you," Danny said, swiftly changing into his pajamas. He laid next to Erik. "Don't need my quaffle."

Erik: Erik's eyes widened a little, and he blushed. "Daniel..." he whispered, and curled against him, closing his eyes.

Danny: "Yes?"

Erik: "Just..." he closed his eyes, and hugged him tightly. "You..." He whispered. "You're so wonderful."

Danny: "I love you," Danny replied simply.

Erik: "I love you too." Erik kissed him softly, then blushed. "How's your...ah...neck?"

Danny: Danny grinned. "Healing just fine."

Erik: Erik smiled, and kissed the bruise softly. "If you don't want it to go away..." he blushed.

Danny: Danny blushed slightly. "I don't, really..."

Erik: He kissed his neck softly. "Want it...someplace else?" He blushed.

Danny: "Where?" Danny blinked.

Erik: "..ch-chest..." He whispered, blushing badly. "Stomache...sh-shoulders..."

Danny: Danny laughed quietly. "Shoulder, then."

Erik: He smiled a bit, and licked Danny's neck. "i liked the neck, though.." he sighed softly, slowly kissing down to his shoulder.

Danny: Danny shivered happily.

Erik: Erik smiled, and wrapped his arms around his waist, sucking the flesh into his mouth a bit to bite it.

Danny: Danny inhaled sharply. "Oh..."

Erik: Erik closed his eyes, gnawing a bit on the skin before he sucked on it again, making sure it hurt a bit.

Danny: Danny whimpered softly and clung to Erik.

Erik: Erik smiled, and bit harder, grinding his teeth around the flesh, pulling as much as he could into his mouth, hugging Daniel tight to himself.

Erik: Erik sighed softly, pulling away to admire his handiwork. He smiled softly, and laid against Danny's chest, touching the bruise. "Mm..." he blushed. "I like marking you..." he sighed, relaxing a bit. "Goodnight, Danny...thanks..." he murmured. "Thank you for coming with..."

Danny: "You're welcome," Danny whispered quietly. "I love you."

Erik: "I love you, too, Daniel Wood." Erik murmured, and kissed his chest softly because he was too lazy to move to kiss him on the lips.

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