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(( OOC: Is it possible? Sirius and Remus hold a conversation with minimum angst and no fighting? ...The sky is falling. Anyway, this took place last night. I'm just lazy when it comes to posting -_- ))

Sirius: Sirius looked over the pages of his journal, his recent, rather out of control rage having finally dulled down to a vague simmer. But then, talking to Remus always did have that effect on him. An odd sort of thing, really, and he had gotten used to its lack of late. His brow slightly furrowed, he closed the book and looked around the Gryffindor commons, wanting to go and see first hand that Remus was all right, and considering whether or not his inclination was... well, reasonable, really, given the circumstances. In the end, he decided to hell with it, and hopped up, making the long, familiar trip through the corridors to Pomfrey's. Along the way, he mapped out the memories. This is where he'd seen Snape. This is where he'd said just the wrong things. And then, pushing back regrets, he stepped into the infirmary.

Remus: Having no previous alert to Sirius' intended visit, Remus was surprised to hear someone enter the infirmary that night. Through the thin cloth walls around the bed, he couldn't see exactly who it was but he had a feeling he probably shouldn't move to. Whispering a quick "Nox" to his wand, and stuffing his journal under the starched hospital blankets, he settled himself as if asleep. If the footsteps belonged to Madam Pomfrey, it would save him the trouble of more "Tsk tsk" and various tutting around.

Sirius: "pfft, I know you're up, Moony," Sirius said softly, stepping around the curtain. He did not look his best; rather frazzled, his hair pulled back into a slightly messy ponytail, and his expression... pensive could, perhaps, describe it. He glanced back, towards the door. The last time he was here... but again he repressed the thoughts, and smiled a bit, tentatively.

Remus: Remus raised his head to see Sirius, looking worse for the wear but none the less surprised by the identity revealed, "Ah, thought you were Pomfrey." He explained, carefully pushing himself up and leaning back against his arrangement of pillows. Pausing a moment, he eyed Sirius suspiciously, "..What're you doing here? It's far past curfew."

Sirius: With a shrug, Sirius looked around for a chair before realizing he hadn't actually thought to ask if he could stay. A bit sheepishly, he smiled again. "Just wanted to see if you're all right, mate. I mean... ...mind if I sit down?"

Remus: "Go ahead, long as you don't get caught." Remus replied, keeping his voice low. An uncomfortable feeling begin to settle in on him as he realized he was face-to-face with Sirius alone. Something that hadn't happened for quite awhile, let alone with positive result. Not to mention the unconscious laces of deja vu tied around the setting in general. Yet, he showed nothing of this, pretending to be more interested in smoothing out a few wrinkles in the blankets.

Sirius: Sirius pulled a chair over and sat a bit away from the bed; farther than he used to. He yawned quietly, trying to maintain a modicum of discretion, and looked at Remus there, truly looked at him for the first time in so long. His heart clenched and he looked away. "...look, I'm really... sorry about the pictures," he said quietly. "I mean, it's... I got into one of my arguments with Narcissa, which is... eh, you know how she gets."

Remus: Remus dropped his head back on the pillows with a light exasperated sigh (although he quickly regretted it cause his neck ached something terrible). "We just went over all that via journal if I do remember correctly...." He reasoned, looking up at the darkened ceiling. "...Although we could go over it again, but I don't find it much use."

Sirius: "Yeah true, pretty pointless, that line of conversation, eh?" Sirius shrugged and leaned back in his chair, legs crossed. "'s just the first thing that came to mind, I s'pose.'s your leg?" He looked down, and away.

Remus: Remus was a bit surprised Sirius had dropped the line of conversation so quickly. He couldn't reasonably imagine another purpose for this random late night visit. Turning his head to the side to watch Sirius, "My leg's fine..". Still wondering what the other boy wanted that was important enough to risk a run in with Pomfrey and her night clothes. Yet, he didn't ask..instead trailing off a bit awkwardly.

Sirius: Sirius wrestled with the overwhelming urge to get out a cigarette. In fact, he automatically reached for one, then stopped. "...totally uncalled for to smoke in here, isn't it?" He asked, rather dryly, occupying his hands with drumming against his own knee.

Remus: "...I certainly wouldn't be pleased." Remus replied lightly, letting the conversation take it's own way. If Sirius had a purpose he'd get to it eventually, whether or not Remus asked.

Sirius: "Right." Sirius sighed, and raked a hand through his hair. "...Just wanted to see how you're doing, you know? I mean... I was already a bit... worried before, but then with today and all that rubbish..." He shook his head. "I don't know, got a bit worried. I mean, I know you can handle it, just..." But there were no real words for what he was looking for. Concern, yearning, love, and just the smallest hints of old frustration he'd thought long since abandoned. "eh, you know how I am," He said at last, and left it there.

Remus: "It's just a bunch of trouble...all of it." Remus replied vaguely as he closed his eyes. He sighed and lifted his hand just enough to wave it in the usual dismissal.

Sirius: "Yeah. Yeah, I know," Sirius said, his voice soft. "Someone ought to have exterminated my blood family centuries ago. Would have saved the world some trouble."

Remus: "That'd disappoint your fan club." Remus puzzled, in lack of other things to say to that.

Sirius: "Sod them. I cause more problems than I fix." Sirius looked away, across the room at the opposite walls. "..well, eh, I'm just feeling... odd, you know? I half forgot those things existed, and now..." ...and now he had to look at them and remember. "...they're causing trouble. Eh."

Remus: Remus opened his eyes again, more than a little lost. Actually, he'd never heard this kind of talk from Sirius before. "I suppose I'm not following well..."

Sirius: "Suppose I'm thinking too much," Sirius said, quietly, "Which is... a new experience, haha." He smiled slightly, and looked over at Remus again, and again burned inside. "Anyway. 's funny thing about you, Moony. I come here to see how you are and end up talking about me. Not on."

Remus: "Maybe I should be asking if you're alright?" Remus mused, tempted to sit back up again but finding himself too tired to make effort to move. "You seem to have a lot more answers to that question..."

Sirius: "Yeah, and they don't always add up." Sirius shrugged, and looked at the ceiling, tracing the cracks with his gaze. "...doesn't matter. I brought you tribute."

Remus: "Neither do my Arithmancy problems...but they linger all the same." Remus said but was taken off his train of thought, "Tribute?"

Sirius: "Yeah!" Sirius reached into his ever-overflowing pocket and withdrew four chocolate frog packages. "Far as I can tell," he said, " have not been properly plied with chocolate for too bloody long." He nodded intently and laid the packages beside Remus.

Remus: Laughing softly, Remus poked at the frog wrappers, "I think I'll leave them on my beside table and let Madam Pomfrey wonder their origin in the morning." and after a moment added, "Thanks."

Sirius: Sirius grinned mischievously, and shook his head as he chuckled. "You are cruel to poor Pomfrey. ...except she's a pain in the arse, so feel free. When I was in here before? Not on. Hovering hovering... well, you know." He scratched his ear, as he watched first Remus' face,. then the wall behind him.

Remus: "Always. I swear if I breathe too heavily she's summoned to my bedside to fuss." Remus rolled his eyes lightly, thinking of her intent observations over the last few days, and all the others spent in here over the last six years. On that thought he closed his eyes. Tired.

Sirius: And Sirius, who had spent so many nights watching that face, whispered, "You don't seem right, Remus."

Remus: "..I'm just tired." The werewolf excused, in a 'that's-obvious' tone, "..You're here bloody late y'know." Which was cue to start in on curfew but he decided to let it slip this time.

Sirius: Sirius shrugged, letting the subject drop. None of his business, not now, and when Remus mentioned the time, Sirius chuckled and nodded. "Yeah, it's true. Guess I just wanted to make sure, eh? You were acting a bit... odd on the journals. Plus, to be honest? Wanted to get away from the whispering for a while, yeah?"

Remus: Remus opened his eyes. Oh great. 'Whispering..?"

Sirius: "Well, was a bit of a shock to people, yea?" Sirius shrugged, trying to sound more casual than he felt. "I mean, it's not like I'm a leper or anything, it's just... a conversation in demand." He shifted in his chair, trying to think of something less discouraging to say to a bloke who always hated attention. Finally, he nodded once. "They'll get over it, you know?"

Remus: Remus groaned softly, draping an arm acrossed his eyes, and not totally accepting Sirius' attempts to lighten things. "They will eventually I suppose. But they shouldn't have been exposed to it in the first place." He said and then after a slight pause decided to add a little optimistic touch, "But then again, maybe they can speculate I'm not attending classes out of sheer mortification."

Sirius: Sirius laughed a bit, trying to keep his voice below easily detectable levels. "They could, yeah, haha. Well. Nothing to be mortified about anyway, half the ruddy school's just jealous of you now, haha." He winked. A bit of a joke, but just a bit.

Remus: "Wishful thinking." Remus replied, removing his arm. He opened his mouth to make more apologies for the situation but remembered the mutual agreement to drop it early.

Sirius: Sirius poked a chocolate frog idly, and wondered about the time. Even in vaguely awkward silence, time seemed to flow like water when he was with Remus. Even now. He yawned again, and glanced around. "Yeah," he said softly, "Right, I probably ought to go, since... yeah, lessons and all."

Remus: "You should." Remus agreed quickly, carefully raising himself up on his elbow, "Be careful going back, hm? Filch delights in catching students out after hours.."

Sirius: Sirius stood and stretched his legs. "Haha, it's all right. I am ace at this. Well, you know that, oi." He grinned, and poked a frog again. ", yeah see you when you get back, hey?" He tried not to sound apathetic, or eager or... anything but curious really. In fairness it wasn't difficult, since he wasn't certain what he thought of seeing Remus to begin with.

Remus: "Unless I'm invisible. It'll be hard to miss me in classes, or in our room otherwise." Remus said, and waved a hand, "Send Vance my apologies, and to others my excuses. I'll see you around.." He gave a tired smile.

Sirius: Sirius looked at Remus oddly, things clicking into place in his mind. In a space of two or so breaths, he smiled again, truly smiled, and nodded. "...yeah okay. So, going."

Remus: Remus laid back down, the way he'd been when Sirius first arrived. Suddenly he had something to add, amusement playing a little on his face, "Oh, and compliments on the hair."

Sirius: Sirius blinked and raised an eyebrow. "...the hair?"

Remus: Remus just nodded, "Goodnight."

Sirius: Sirius shook his head. "...right! ...Goodnight." He chuckled softly as he slipped back into the corridors.

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