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AIM Log: Sirius-Narcissa - Temper Temper

((OOC: Well this was... interesting. Short but..... anyway! Sirius confronts Narcissa after the photos incident. If you can call it a standard kind of confronting.))

Narcissa: Narcissa was dressed in her silver and black cloak over her school robes. It was extremely cold in the castle and she had on matching silver gloves. Still her hands were cold. She was sitting in the library, reading this week's issue of Witch Weekly, it was her free period, right before Astronomy. The library was crowded, as it was winter and most didn't have much else to do but hang around these during their spare time in the middle of the day, but it was relatively quiet and Narcissa had a table all to herself. Her books were lying beside her, her wand in her robe pocket she felt slightly bored and annoyed that she was warm all over yet her fingers were still cold. She blew on her gloved hands and turned over another page of the magazine.

Sirius: No words could possibly begin to describe how hacked off Sirius was feeling as he stormed through the Hogwarts' twisting, dark corridors, on the way to the library. He had heard, through the murmured replies of students who never quite met his eyes, that Narcissa could be found there. He had also been told, by not a few people who knew him well enough to worry, that he ought not actually go until he calmed down. At least he thought that was what they'd said; he wasn't actually listening very well.

Finally reaching the library doors, he did not waste a breath before storming through them and, without missing a beat, traversing the semi-blocked floor space til he found his cousin.

Narcissa: Narcissa heard a noise from the entrance, loud and heavy steps making a sound all through the library. She raised her eyes and they widened immediately as she saw the figure of her cousin approaching. The look he had, the way fierceness of his step, all that registered immediately with the girl and she quickly reached for her wand, grabbing it tightly in a fist inside her pocket. She wished she'd had time to take off her gloves, holding a wand was much easier without them. Her face hardened and her eyes were shooting lightening, she was trying to assess what this could come to from Sirius' expression.

Sirius: Sirius stormed passed the staring and confused students and wasting neither time nor words on Narcissa, immediately descended, shoving her as hard as he could manage, in the chest. No spells. No thought. Only the screaming rage and the need to finish this.

Narcissa: Narcissa gave a short scream. Her hand flew out of her pocket and onto Sirius' arms, shoving at her. She was trying to dig in her nails but her gloves made the effort futile. Finally she felt she was about to fall back she pinched Sirius as hard as she could hoping that would make a difference.

Sirius: Finally, a word came to mind. "Dead." And then a few more. "You're dead you bloody bitch!" Sirius' voice rose with every word, til it turned the heads of the pupils around them. Not seeing this, not even noticing, Sirius made a sound not unlike a snarl, shoved her again even as he hooked one foot around a chair leg and pulled it outward.

Narcissa: Narcissa screamed again and landed on the floor with a painful thud. She quickly pulled her legs so that they were on one side of the fallen chair, trying to rise on her hands, her hair tousled she stared at Sirius with obvious horror.

Sirius: Sirius kicked the chair, hard, sending it spinning away from them in a rush of motion and the loud clang of impact. "...want to test your bloody theories, do you?" He whispered, his tone as fierce as his eyes. A moment later, he crouched beside her, and grabbed a hold of her throat, squeezing just a tad too tightly. "Try. Me." And another squeeze even as he reached his free hand out and grabbed her right wrist, pinning it to the floor.

Narcissa: Narcissa lay on the floor mortified. All she could concentrate oh was the feeling of hands around her throat, she tried to gasp in panic but all that came out were a bunch of chocked sounds her own fear blocking the sound as much as Sirius' hand. Instinctively her right hand wanted to reach into her pocket for her wand but when she tried to lift it she felt the full strength of Sirius' grip. Suddenly everything she felt were Sirius' hands, his body above her, she could hardly hear his words and her other, more basic instincts screeched into gear. She raised one boot-clap leg as far as it would go, hard and fast, colliding with what could only be Sirius' body.

Sirius: Sirius growled deep in his throat, and winced with the sudden pain. Instinctively, he tightened his grip again, digging his fingers into her skin. "Move," he whispered, "And I'll break you."

Narcissa: Narcissa winced even more. Her face was contorted in effort and fear. She could hear her own breath and it was deafening. She never lost eye contact with Sirius and his eyes were so full of hate she couldn't look away if she wanted to. Her hand hurt. Her left hand was free but there was nothing she could do with it, especially gloved, she knew that without even thinking about it. Tears were welling up somewhere in the pit of her stomach and she could feel them and it made her even angrier. She couldn't speak, didn't dare to, so she put everything she could into her eyes and her expression, every ounce of hate and outrage.

Sirius: Sirius stayed still for a moment, debating whether to simply suffocate her or release her throat, fish out his wand and char her pretty face into an unrecognizable mess. His eyes, cold and passionless, surveyed her expression, taking note of the fear, the stubborn pride, everything he'd warned her about. She should have listened, but now... And then, somewhere in the back of his mind, it registered that there were voices calling for help, and the feeling of hands gripping his arms, trying to pull him away from her.

Sirius: Sirius released Narcissa's throat, unthinking, and batted back a hand, but his lessened hold made him all the easier to force away, and he found himself dragged, quite unwillingly, to his feet and away from her. A final, defiant tug at the (two? three? four? He could not quite tell...) and he stopped struggling, though his eyes still burned.

Narcissa: Narcissa felt Sirius' hands letting go of her completely. The eye contact was broken and a few young girls rushed to help her up. Narcissa took a few hurried gasps, almost coughed, but her face was still somewhat in shock. The first thing she did was slip her right hand into her pocket to feel her wand, just for safety's sake, she needed to lay her hands on it. she watched Sirius struggle with the boys holding him and then stop struggling all together, quickly reached out her wand despite the fretting touches and voices of the girls she managed to say, half chocking, her hand trembling as she pointed the wand the Sirius "Aduro Oculus" the first charm that came into her head, the one thing she'd been concentrating on this entire time.

Sirius: Sirius growled again, and renewed his struggles against the restrictive hands, trying to reach to his eyes, first, them trying to pry the other pupils off of him, but even adrenaline could not help him, when he was so outnumbered. Eventually, his blood still pounding in his ears, he snapped out, "You are dead Narcissa. Dead!" And without waiting for a response, he reversed his struggles, trying to break through the wall of students to return... somewhere. To get away from *here.*

Narcissa: Narcissa was still breathing heavily. She creamed at the top of her lugs catching only his back "ABOMINATION!" her face almost turned red from the lack of oxygen as the fretting bodies around her tried to get her to calm down.</i>
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