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OOC: Read and thy plot revealed!

"HE'S WHA???" Bounced off the stone walls of the Hogwarts castle like rubber, echoing all the way through to far corners. The exclamation could be traced back to one large, hairy groundskeep who held a rather large wooden crate under one arm. The other, he used to gesture with sharply, "That's impossible!"

"I would say not. And lower your voice." Replied a familiar sharp voice. Minerva McGonagall cast a wary glance around the hallway, before returning her spectacled gaze on Hagrid again. "Circumstances right now are very fragile. This could possibly pass by tomorrow, but in any case we should not have it spread around the school. Merlin help us if the Prophet were to hear of it..."

Hagrid still appeared distressed and the Professor's words held very little effect. "Yeh can't mean yeh're just takin' this lyin' down, are yeh?!? Well??" He gestured wildly, "They could close the school or somethin'!!"

McGonagall gave the groundskeep a stern look, "Hagrid! I can assure you nothing like that is about to happen at Hogwarts. You're getting too far ahead of yourself." She stated, tipping her chin up to the half-giant. "Now please, if you would, take those back to your hut. I'll be sure to let the Headmaster know you were looking for him."

"...Yea, yeh do that." Hagrid grumbled, shifting the crate under his arm and turned to leave as suggested. McGonagall watched on as the sound of over-sized boots faded and the last bit of grumbling could be heard. "Missin' Headmaster...Merlin's beard..."

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