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Pointless Snogging. How fun!

( OOC: James finds Hestia sobbing on the stairs, begins to comfort her, and they end of snogging. Then, Em finds them. Lots of detail, enjoy! Haha. )

Hestia : Hestia pulled her robes tightly around her body and tightened her book at her side as she walked up the stairs towards the Great Hall. It was past 9 and she knew she should be heading back to the Ravenclaw Dormitories, but she didn't want people to see her like this. She was a wreck. After escaping to the library to read this past afternoon, she began thinking about her parents, and eventually broke down, again. Her short blonde hair was every which way and her eyes were red and puffy, not to mention her nose, which she had been blowing for the past hour. As she reached another set of stairs, she heard a noise and stopped, turning around quickly. Nobody was there, but after a few moments of stopping, she was unable to walk again. Her thoughts flashed back to the meeting with her Mum at Hogsmede, and she sat down on the stiars, dropped her book on a step, and began to cry, covering her face with her arms.

James : Nursing a snubbed toe and just barely restraining a string of curses, James stepped into the staircase with an uncharacteristic scowl. What the bloody hell is a damn heavy book doing in the middle of a hallway where any innocent bloke could trip and -- James' internal tyrade came to an abrupt end as the Gryffindor Seeker's gaze fell upon a dishelved, weeping girl just half a flight up the stairs. James' dark scowl melted away, and, following some unknown instinct (and perhaps a secret motive), the boy limped up the steps and paused by Hestia. "Oi... you know it's the plants that need watering, not these steps."

Hestia : She slowly looked up, her face red from the pressure against her arms, and blinked a few times. "I-I..." She attempted to speak, but after a moment sighed and ran her hands over her eyes and through her hair, attempting to look presentable. Glancing down, she noticed the book knocked to the other side of the steps and and sighed again. "I, I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to-o trip," she mumbled, continously wiping the tears away from her cheeks.

James : James raised a brow, thoughtlessly running a hand through his own hair (in an attempt to look -more- unkept). Perhaps... James mused for a moment, before sitting down on the steps beside Hestia with a sigh of his own. "Shh... no problem, hey?" Casually throwing an arm around Hestia's shoulders, James tried one of his curiously crooked grins. "Now. Why are you trying to flood the stairwell?"

Hestia : She turned her head and glanced up at him for a second, a tear running down her left cheek. Then, as he casually threw his arm around her, she scooted closer and rested her head on his shoulder, using her left hand to wrap around his stomach and align herself more comfortably. After she had done this though, she kept her hand there, grabbing a bit of his robes. Sniffing, she continued, "It-it's really nothing. I'm... I just feel like nothings going right and it's all my fault."

James : James managed to maintain his composure, grinning flickering as she responded positively. Adopting a slight frown, James looked down at the girl. "Nonsense. What would make you think a bloody thing like that?" queried the Gryffindor. "There's a lot of madness these days -- but I hardly see anyone pointing their finger at one Hestia Jones."

Hestia : She let out a small gasp, almost a chuckle, and replied, "Oh, it's probably nothing. I just, can't get over it. At least not yet." She had calmed down by now, but the tears still slowly streamed down her face. "I hate talking about myself, but, you see," she paused for a moment, as if deciding whether to tell him or not, and continued, her voice almost as a whisper, "it's my parents. I just don't think they care about me anymore, or, if they ever did." At the mention of her parents, she pulled herself even closer to him and closed her eyes, letting the weight of her head fall on his shoulders.

James : Cor... James was silent for a moment, carefully thinking through his next move. Then, adjusting his arm so it held her tightly and more comfortably, James lifted her chin slowly. "Hey now... I'd wager one hundred galleons that your parents actually do care about their little girl," James said softly, making sure to catch Hestia's gaze. "... some people just have a hard way of showing that."

Hestia : As she caught his gaze, she gave a small smile and looked down, pushing her lips together. "Thank you," she replied quietly, before closing her eyes for a moment to let out a few more tears. The hall was silent for a moment, and she glanced back up at him, pushing her bangs to the side ever so carefully.

James : Game time... James, gaze steady upon Hestia for a moment, offered the girl a slight (and certainly rare) smile. Wordlessly, his free hand cupped her cheek, brushing away those tears. James tilted her head slightly, bringing his lips to hers in a soft, cautious kiss. Damn I'm good.

Hestia : Her eyes shut and she returned the kiss, slowly wrapping her other free arm around his back. In the back of her mind, she knew she should stop, but she couldn't. She felt so miserable, and this, it felt so good. Tilting her head, she leaned back a bit, her shoulders gently resting against the wall behind her and relaxed her lips, letting him lead the way.

James : James' hands slipped down to her sides, one hand easing under her rumpled blouse and the other sliding around to the small of her back as he pressed her more firmly against the wall. His tongue pressed against her lips briefly, before James drew back. "Feeling any better...?" James asked quietly, brow quirked and a subtle grin teasing his own lips.

Hestia : She took a deep breath and gave a tiny smile. "I suppose" she replied in a whisper. She glanced down to the steps, turning her head a tiny bit, and ran one of her arms up his back and around to his collarbone, taking a moment to trace the details of it before leaning in for another kiss. Her hand found it's way back around his shoulder and she pulled him in a little closer.

James : James' eyes closed once again, grinning inwardly. Exploring the curves of her stomach and side with one hand, James responded with rising levels of intensity -- even slipping his tongue past her lips again and teasing her own tongue briefly. Hook, line, and... He drew back, grinning more crookedly. "Oi, Hestia... you're one bloody good snog." ... sinker.

Hestia : Both her eyebrows rose and her eyes widened, which were still a hint of red from earlier. "And oi, you're foward. Going to waste time, now are we?" She rose her right hand up to his head and began running her fingers through her hair. Once again, she stopped and looked down, giving a small, innocent smile.

James : "Did you expect any less of me?" James drawled, kissing her forehead softly. "All in the name of duty, you know... can't have a girl like you responsible for someone slipping and breaking their neck on these steps. Pomfrey would throw a fit." Grinning, James drew back just enough so his dark eyes could (casually) take in the girl. ... not bad.

Hestia : Smiling, Hestia replied quietly, "Why thank you, Mr. Potter." She pulled her hand back and adjusted the neckline of his shirt, pulling the upper edges of the robes he wore together. "Not bad yourself." She smiled a bit more, rested both her arms on his shoulders, and leaned foward, softly kissing him on the lips again.

James : "Consider me flattered, Miss Jones," returned James as the chaste kiss ended. Brushing those short, blond bangs back from her eyes again, James kissed Hestia again briefly. She really isn't so bad... James mused, idly tracing the curve of her hip...

Hestia : Hestia tilted her head a bit, taking in the kiss, and began to slide one of her arms in an opening of his robes until she was stopped, quite abruptly, by a loud clearing of the throat. James hands shot backwards and they both turned, in sync, to find none other than Emmaline Vance standing at the bottom of the steps, her arms crossed.

Nat [Emmaline Vance] wasn't online to RP her part out, but she agreed on being the "finder" so we ended the RP there. Em, James, and Hestia talk for a few minutes, but you'll just have to wait for the journal entries to see what happens. ;)
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