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AIM log: Glen and Frank fluffness

((OOC: Frank gives Glenda a surprise visit during the night, after receiving an owl from her (one of the many. Lol). Me and Marina were up to our eyeballs in fluff and sap, so be warned!))

Frank: Frank's broom was descending rapidly. He was dressed very warmly, hat, mittens, scarf, everything and still his face was burning with cold. He'd never taken such long trips flying before, never at this time of the day that is. Almost 5am. His mother nearly had a heart attack when he told her he was leaving. But he was 18 and it was his vacation and really, there wasn't anything better for him to do. He'd spent the last week doing almost nothing else but flying practice in the fields adjacent to the farmhouse.
As Frank got lower and lower now, he could make out the small brick houses in the town below. A small town, where lived one Glenda Chittock. He got lower and lower, he could touch the roofs now, it seemed. He circled around a few times, looking for the right house. And then he noticed it, the only lit up window in the entire town, at this hour. He slowed down his broom to a slow, steady progress in the direction of the window. It was very cold of course, it was closed and Frank couldn't see who was inside despite the nearly transparent curtains. All he could really see was a wall and some pictures he couldn't make out. Pulling one of his hands away from the broomstick (he hadn't noticed how numb it had become, 'feels like it's frozen off' he thought absently) and knocked on the window softly. It was a chance. This was a muggle place, if some bloke opened that window and saw a boy on a broomstick hovering outside…Frank took in a deep cold breath and waited.

Glenda: Glenda was layed on her bed, facing towards the ceiling. She was as awake as if it were midday, yet outside it was still dark. She had no idea what time it was, and quite frankly she didn't care. It wasn't as if the time was going to affect how she felt right now. Alone. Depressed. There was no trace of any of the usual cheerfulness, which normally radiated off the hippy girl. She rolled over on to her side, careful as not to roll completely off the single bed, and propped her head up. She reached over to the wooden cabinet next to her bed and picked up a photo from the small pile which stood there. It was one of her and her grandmother, the day before she had left for Hogwarts. Sadness seemed to flood her, as silent tears leaked out the corners of her eyes. It wasn't fair. It really wasn't. About to sink into thoughts of "Why?" and other such things, Glenda jumped when she heard a tap on her bedroom window. She sat up abruptly, still clutching the photo in her hand, wiping her eyes with the other. She slowly got up to investigate. She carefully made her way across her messy room to the window, and pulled over a corner of the curtains to look outside. There, hovering about a meter away from the window was Frank. Glenda had to do a double take. How on earth did he get here? How did he even know where she lived? Still goggling at his presence she opened the windows. "Frank?!" she said in a shocked half whisper, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Frank: Watching the windows open with quiet dread Frank couldn't help but smile seeing Glenda's surprised face, hearing her speak his name on shock. She was dressed in muggle clothes, obviously not meant to be slept in. A good sign, Frank thought, he probably didn't wake her then.
With the hand he previously used to knock on the window he reached into the depths of his coat's inner pockets and pulled out an envelope. He stretched out his hand, giving it to Glenda. "Couldn't let an owl do my job for me." he was still smiling as he said this.

Glenda: Suddenly very aware of her damp eyes, Glenda rubbed at them with the sleeves of her jumper-dress. She put on a smile, though not as convincing as she'd hope. "Y-you're crazy" she said, a slight crack in her voice. She coughed in an attmpet to cover it up, and stared at him for a moment before remembering her manners. "Oh, come in you silly bugger!" she said, stepping aside, so he could fly in, and taking thr letter from his outstretched hand.

Frank: Frank gave a quiet laugh at her comment. The invitation he was hoping for. He drifted into her room slowly getting off his broom once it was fully inside the room. He turned towards Glenda and the open window "Where should I put this?" he was quite certain, despite not having been in a muggle home before, that they didn't have special holding places for brooms. Silly, really.

Glenda: "You can lean it over there if you want" Glenda said, motioning over to a corner of her room. She then moved to close the windows, since it was freezing outside. She looked at him in wonder. "How on earth did you get here? You don't even know where I live!" she said, sitting on her bed, and crossing her legs, praying to some unknown person that he wouldn't realise she'd ben crying only moments beforehand.

Frank: Frank leaned his broom in the corner and turned to face Glenda, still dressed very warmly. He was starting to unfreeze, the room was warm. "Actually," he was standing uncomfortably by her bed, not really sure if he should sit down, "I took a chance and hoped yours would be the only lit up window at this hour." He smiled "I know, I know, it was stupid. But I was right." He sneezed.

Glenda: She laughed, albeit quiet and not whole-hearted. "You are crazy Frank Longbottom" she said, a small smile on her lips. "Crazy" She really was quite amazed at his being here. She never thought for one minute that her letter, as not making sense as it had been, was lure Frank out into the freezing cold, all the way to her house. And with no garuntee that he'd find it! She was quite touched. "Bless you" she said, as he sneezed. "You must be frozen" she said, "Want me to get a blanket for you or something?"

Frank: Frank registered her laugher. It was no mystery to him she'd been crying, hell her last letter even showed signs of tears, her face looked as if she hadn't stopped since then. It made him feel good about himself, that he could make her smile like that. He said "Thank you" and "No thank you" to the prospect of a blanket. Suddenly he had a picture of himself cuddling under her covers like a little boy. Not the impression he wanted to make. During his long flight, after about a half hour of flying in the dead cold of a December night, he had doubts, wanted to turn back. But he didn't, he made it and showed up and she was smiling now and it made him feel good. He gestured to letter in her hands "Aren't you going to read it?" he asked.

Glenda: Glenda was about to say 'Read what?', but stopped herself just in time as she remembered the letter which she was still holding. "Oh! Well yeah, I suppose I'd better" she said, as she opened it up. It didn't take long to read, being it quite a short letter, but nevertheless, by the end, she was smiling again. Something she hadn't done proparly all day. "Thats...that's really sweet, Frank" she said glancing up at him.

Frank: Frank gave a laugh "well it's just the truth you know." He gave her a more serious look. "Would you like to talk about it?" he was getting slightly warm in her clothes now. But wasn't sure when would be a good time to take some of them off.

Glenda: Glenda looked down at her hands. She wasn't sure if she did want to talk about it. Originally she had owled Frank to possibly talk about it, but then she hadn't counted on him flying in her window in the small hours of the morning! "I...I don't know." she said, almost inaudiably, head still tilted towards her bare feet, and leg warmer covered ankles.

Frank: "Hmm…" Frank pretended to consider this for a moment. Then he said "Well that's all right too." He took off his hat and mittens. "Can I put these somewhere?"

Glenda: Glenda looked up again. "Uh...yeah." she said, "Where ever you want" She paused for a few moments, then spoke again. "Um...sorry aboout the mess and all. I wasn't really expecting visitors, see?" A faint smile made it's presence on her lips before fading again.

Frank: Frank smiled "I can imagine. At 5 o'clock in the morning and all," he chuckled. Putting his things on a study table overloaded with books and papers he also took off his scarf and coat and threw it on a chair. Now clad in a warm thick jumper and the same kind of pants he walked back to where she was sitting, her bed. As was his habit, he rolled up his sleeves and sneezed again.

Glenda: Glenda automatically said "Bless you".

Frank: "Thank you, again." He touched his nose with the back of his palm, also out of habit. His nose turned out to be very frozen, still. He looked at Glenda and asked, politely he hoped, "Can I sit?" he gestured towards the bed.

Glenda: Glenda nodded. She re-read the letter. "You really are crazy, y'know. Sweet, but crazy" she said, drawing her knees up to her chin, and hugging them in.

Frank: "Well I'll take that as a compliment, I reckon." Frank sat on the bed suddenly painfully aware that he couldn't just climb on top of clean covers with his dirty boots on. This had been the subject of many arguments with his mother - and she usually won. He leaned in to undo his shoes and once it was done he sat, on Glenda's bed, next to her. Looking over her once again he asked "Is it hard to fall asleep?" it was an honest question, hopefully not requiring Glenda to go into an explanation she wasn't ready for.

Glenda: Glenda watched silently as Frank sat down and undid his shoes. She blinked at his question. She hadn't really been expecting it, but then she hadn't expected Frank to turn up, but he had. She nodded. "Yeah. Almost impossible." She said truthfully. "Even when I do, it's full of these dreams...really horrible dreams..." her voice trailed off. She hadn't told anyone of this before, and was silently surprised that it was all coming out so easily when telling him.

Frank: Frank nodded, not taking his eyes off of her. "What dreams Glen? What is it?" he pushed slightly, he felt it was the right time.

Glenda: She sat there for a while, teetering on the edge of telling him. A lump came to her throat as she recalled them. No. She wasn't going to cry. Not with Frank there. She swallowed hard. "Dreams...about....about..." she took a deep breath, "My grandmother"

Frank: He watched her struggle with the tears. She was brave, and it touched him somewhere, that he was seeing this rare sight. She was very pretty now, suddenly this was clear to him, despite the dim light and signs of recent tears. "Oh." He considered "Why?"

Glenda: Taking a few more breaths, she ploughed on. It was hard, no use denying that, but there was also no use in trying to bottle everything up. Glenda had done that for long enough, and she knew that no good came of it. "Well, today is the...the" she willed herself to spit it all out before dissolving into the incoming tears completely, "it's the anniversary of my grandma's death" With the sentence finally out, the tears she had been fightings, started to spill slowly down her cheeks.

Frank: Frank was a little lost. Not ready for this display, not really. Lacking anything to say he did the only thing that seemed right. He reached out his hand and gently leaned Glenda towards his shoulder, so that her head was resting against his neck. He held her this way as she cried.

Glenda: Glenda let herself lean on Frank. She lifted her hand up to her mouth and chewed on the cuff of her jumper-dress. After a little while, and the crying had ceased, she lifted her head up. "S-sorry about that, Frank" she said rubbing at her eyes.

Frank: He looked down at her "It's all right, Glen. Don't mind." It was said quietly because anything more than a loud whisper felt violently wrong after Glenda's tears. It was like the room was suffering the after-shocks of a silencing charm. he wanted to kiss her forehead badly at that moment, to go that far. Maybe even give her a kiss on the mouth. But he couldn't so he looked at her instead, smiling faintly.

Glenda: She thought that after her little display, that she'd feel embarrassed, ashamed maybe, but surprisingly, she didn't. Maybe it was the fact that her day had been so dreary that she was past caring. Or maybe it was just something to do with Frank. She didn't know. She just felt extremely glad to have him there right now. She turned to the window, suddenly aware of how light it was in her room. "Frank" she said turning back around. "I hope you don't mind staying a while."

Frank: Frank furrowed his brow slightly "What?" his face was close to her, he almost whispered.

Glenda: "Well I don't think people around here are used to boys flying out of upstairs windows on broomsticks, is all" she said, quietly, smiling up at him.

Frank: Frank couldn't help but smile in return. He looked out to the closed window with the nearly-transparent curtains and saw the first rays of the sunrise.

((Yeah I know the last thing you all need is more Frank/Glen owls, but if your curious as to which one she reads during the log, go here))
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