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Hestia/Mom Chat in 1st Person

I had woken up at 5:30 AM this morning. Marlene was asleep, her faint breaths echoing throughout the room. Once she finally
began to stir, I rose and took a shower, Upon returning, I grabbed my scarf, gloves, coat, and robes, and threw them on my bed,
taking a few moments to pace and think before dressing myself. "I'm meeting up with my Mum today," I thought to myself.
Doubts flew through my head, doubts she'd actually show up, doubt's she hadn't brought a gift, and doubts she'd even thought of
me throughout the holiday.

When I stepped into the Hogs Head at 1:46 that afternoon, my eyes instantly locked in on her. She chose a corner table, away from the bar to sit, and had her hair tightly pulled back in a bun. Her outfit was muggle, probably a business suit she had worn to work earlier that day and her expression was of almost disgust as she watched a pair of wizards laughing by the bar. I sighed, collected myself, and slowly walked over to the table, a small present clutched in my arms. She noticed me right as I was about to sit down and greeted me, making no attempt to stand up or hug me.

"Hello Hestia. How are you doing darling?"

"I'm well," I said, looking down at the table. I rested the present I had been holding in my lap and brought my hands up to the
table. "How are you?"

She swatted her hair back and began in a tired tone, "Oh, I'm fine. This case I'm working on at the moment is awful. I'vn't got a bit
of evidence to back up this person's defense, and the judge expects me to close my case by the end of the week. It's unbelievable
how irritating some people can be!" She hit her hand on the table, and I quickly stiffened up, a mixed look of shock and fright
covering my face. She continued though, oblivious to my reaction, "And so I've been tied up all week in there," she sighed heavily,
"and Janet [our maid] has been working extra hours to keep the snow from covering our driveway. She's a bit new to doing jobs
which require that much labor."

I cringed inwardly at the mention of my Mum ordering Janet to do extra work. She treated her like a machine, or a worker, not as a

"Anyway," she continued, "what was it that you brought me up for?" Her tone seemed completly professional, and directly after
stating the question, she began to pick at her nails. "Oh dear, I'll be needing a manicure soon. Can't let Father [my dad] convince
me to use magic again. Last time turned out hideously." She quickly sighed, rested her hands on the table, and looked back at
me impatiently.

"Well Mum," I started, quietly, "you came up here yourself."

"Oh I did?" She replied loudly. "You're the one who sent me the owl. Obviously there was something wrong, with you spending
holiday up here, and I wanted to make sure. We must be quick though, I've got to catch a train soon. Appointment at 5 you know."

I looked at her for a moment, unable to speak, and then brought the present up on the table and slid it towards her.

She observed it for a moment and looked up, about to laugh, "Is this it dear? You've sent me all the way up here to give me a
present?" She laughed openly, and then continued, in a condescending voice, "Honey, you could have owled me. It's not that

I looked down quickly, allowing my bangs to cover my eyes, and took a few deep breaths, holding back the tears. "I'm sorry Mum."

"Well," she replied quickly, "if that's it, I must be going. We'll talk later, right dear?" She stood up, tucked in her chair, and steped
towards me. "Although I expect you to look at me next time we say our goodbyes. I'll open the present on the train. Have a
wonderful break Hestia."

And she walked off, her high heels loudly hitting the old wooden floor. As she exited the pub, a silence that had fallen from her
walking was lost, and normal conversations returned.

A single tear fell onto the black robes I had been wearing, and after many moment, I looked up and found my present to be sitting
on the table, untouched. "Merry Christmas Mum," I whispered.
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