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Regulus and Anastasia finally interact!

((Yeah, Ana and Reg-just talking))

Regulus was sitting in an armchair close to the fire. Now that the holidays had finally come, he thought he would take advantage of a well earned rest. Opened on his lap was his journal, he had previously been writing in it, but had paused for thought. He was sucking on the end of his eagle-feather quill, and staring into the fire, oblivious to all other happenings in the common room.
Anastasia: Ana entered it, having just come from the owlry. She glanced around, preparing to head upstairs to the dorm rather than deal with the people there, when she noticed Regulus. She altered her direction, and headed to the boy.
"Why, hello, Regulus." She said softly, standing over him, hunching slightly so she didn't quite look her full height.
Regulus: Jumping slightly at the interruption, Regulus turned to face Anastasia. Recapturing his composure, he spoke, "Why hello Anastasia." his voice was all politeness. He had his unbringing to thank for that. Not wanting her, or anyone for that matter, to read the entry he was writing, he casually closed his journal, as not to bring too much attention to it.
Anastasia: Ana barely noticed, and pulled up an armchair next to him, sitting in it. "And how are you today, Regulus?" She asked softly, relaxing a bit.
Regulus: "Fine thank you" he replied, placing his journal and quill on one of the arms of the chair, "Fully relieved that the Christmas hols are here" he continued with a smile.
Anastasia: She smirked in return to him. "I have to agree...what with everything that's been going on, first with those the corpse..." Her smirk vanished, and she frowned a bit.
Regulus: Regulus' smile vanished. They were both topics he's rather avoid talking about if possible. "Yeah...good thing the terms over" he said, somewhat distantly.
Anastasia: She noticed, and patted his arm, not saying anything for a few moments.
Regulus: His face broke out into a frown. He didn't quite understand why she had reached over. "Erm...what?" he asked, moving away slightly.
Anastasia: She noticed him move away, and then her smirk returned. "You don't know a comforting gesture?" She asked, placing her hand in her lap now.
Regulus: Regulus moved back to his original position, a little embarassed at his stupidity. "Yeah...well...sorry" he said, looking at her, "Not been getting much sympathy lately..."
Anastasia: "You needn't apologize." Ana waved her hand. "It's all right. And you haven't? I would have expected you to." She frowned.
Regulus: Regulus leaned back into the back of the comfy chair and looked up. He sighed. "You would, would you?" he looked back down, "Well apparantly that's not the case." He was quite bitter on the subject. Of course he was not the most affected by the photo ordeal, but selfishness would have it, that he thought himself the victim. No one had once offered him sympathy for all the whisperings that were obviously directed at him. He had felt quite overlooked.
Anastasia: She sighed a bit. "At least the rumors about you are dying down." She offered. "Not that they were necessarily all that bad."
Regulus: Regulus looked at Ana, disbelieveing. "Oh come on! Not all that bad?" he laughed, "I hear some of the rumours myself and I assure you, none of them displayed me in a very good light"
Anastasia: She looked at him evenly, her black eyes glimmering a bit from the lights. "That you were gay," She said softly. "Was the main rumor that I heard. I heard some worse before that, but as I said, those rumors have been fading."
Regulus: Regulus was shocked at her forwardness at the matter. "Y-yes, it was rather awful." he said, still slightly taken aback, "And yes, people are seeming to forget now." Which is positivly fantastic, he thought.
Anastasia: She shrugged a bit. "They were only rumors." She said softly. "I think they may have persisted for so long because you were so agitated by them."
Regulus: Regulus gave a 'hrmph'. "Well you'd be agitated too, if people were gossiping about you in a light that is most against you. Especially if it is in a light that you're particularly opposed to"
Anastasia: "You mean like 'look at that monster girl, she looks like she was hit by an enlargement charm' or 'I bet it's just a gay boy...listen, her voice is deep too'?" She asked, frowning slightly. Her eyes glimmered as she shifted her weight around. "Such as that, Regulus?"
Regulus: "I suppose" he said. Thoroughly wanting to leave the topic behind, he attempted a little subject changing. "So" he said changing position in the chair, "Looking forward to the Ball?"
Anastasia: She smiled suddenly, and her demeanor changed entirely. "Quite. While I was in Hogsmeade I got myself a new set of dress robes."
Regulus: Fully relieved that his topic changing tactics had worked, Regulus smiled. "Really? So did I. Narcissa had to help me chose some though, because I'm hopeless at that sort of thing." he said, suddenly wishing he hadn't mentioned Narcissa. "And I hate shopping" he added.
Anastasia: Ana got an unpleasant look on her face at the mention of Narcissa. "Personally, I enjoy being able to look around." She said, the smile returning.
Regulus: Regulus' nose rumpled. "Oh I hate it. Too much dallying around and decided whether to have this or that...." he waved his hands in the air, brushing them away from him, "Nightmare. I'd much rather just go in, get what I want, then come out again"
Anastasia: "Typical male." She said, but her smile stayed. "Very rushed, if you ask me. I must admit, I prefer shopping in less crowded stores."
Regulus: "Pfft! And all females are perfect I suppose?" he smirked.
Anastasia: "I never said that." She chuckled. "Females have their faults, too of offense meant, but your cousin is proof of that."
Regulus: Regulus raised his eyebrows. "Dear Merlin! A girl who admits that women aren't perfect? Miracle!" he girnned. Then at the mention of Narcissa, his grin faded."Yes, well." his tone was colder than before, "That's just her isn't it.", he folded his arms and looked across the room.
Anastasia: Ana nodded quietly. "ANd no, it is impossible for either kind to be perfect, because there is no such thing as the perfect person." Ana said softly. "One must remember that to be content in life."\
Regulus: He turned back to Ana. "Very true" he said, nodding. That mention of Narcissa, had sparked off thoughts in his mind that refused to quiet. Therefore his voice was distant again, and he did not pay full attention.
Anastasia: Ana touched his arm again. "You okay?"
Regulus: Brought back from his thoughts, Regulus flinched slightly again. "What? Oh yes. I'm fine. Just...things...on my mind I suppose" he said, truthfully, but without spilling any of the finer details
Anastasia: She nodded a bit. "What about that boy who fainted yesterday?" She asked.
Regulus: "What? What boy?" he asked, confused.
Anastasia: She looked suprised. "Oh, you musn't have known...a boy from Ravenclaw fainted yesterday. A bit insane, and more than a little stupid." She shrugged. "Heard some whispers about it today."
Regulus: Regulus looked vaugely interested. He was never much bothered about students from other houses. What did they matter anyway? "Really?" he said, feining interest.
Anastasia: She nodded. "The one that comes up with inane stories...said Severus was female?" She asked. "Seems that nobody knows why he fainted. Think it's related to what happened to..ah...your brother?"
Regulus: Regulus stopped himself from shuddering. That box. He didn't even see it himself, but he could imagine. And it was awful. "Can't say I blame him then. Bloody awful, rotten thing to do to anyone. Disgusting." he said, a revolted look on his face. And I know who did it he thought to himself
Anastasia: Ana frowned deeply, and nodded. "I think that whoever did that should be locked away."
Regulus: "Mmm" he said. That absentness was creeping in again. He stopped himself being lost to it completely. "Ana, nice talking to you and everything, but I'm a little...." he paused, searching for a word that wouldn't cause too much concern, "Distracted. I'm going to head up to my dorm I think"
Anastasia: She sighed, and nodded. "Best I do as well, then." She stood, and offered her hand to Regulus to help him up.
Regulus: Regulus stood, ignoring the offering of help. "Right. Well I'll see you tomorrow I suppose." he said, taking his journal and quill. He started to move in the direction of the boys dorms.
Anastasia: "Happy holidays." She said softly, then smacked him on the ass before moving swiftly to the girl's dorms.
Regulus: Regulus whipped around as he felt something hit him. Did she just...? He would have said something to her, had she not rushed off so quickly. Feeling, almost outraged, he continued his way to his dorm. Muttering curses sounded suspiciously like 'cheek of it' and 'bloody girl'.

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