Lucius Malfoy (purestdeath) wrote in mwpp,
Lucius Malfoy

Daily Prophet: December 17, 1976

Teenage Witch Missing

18 year old Rhiannon Langley disappeared last night out of her flat in Leeds. The lounge showed signs of struggle, Ministry Officials say: singe marks on the walls and an overturned table, perhaps flung via a levitation spell. Neither she nor her family had any known enemies. There are currently no suspects, but her family has their opinions.

"I know it was You-Know-Who that took my daughter," her tearful mother told us. "My husband's grandfather was muggleborn." But Ministry officials are not so sure.

"It seems unlikely that Lord... Right, that guy, would trace back this girl's ancestry that far when he seems to be targetting full muggles and muggleborns almost exclusively."
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