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Franklin Longbottom

AIM Log, Regulus/Narcissa

((A short log where Reg and Cissy meet for the first time since the photos. He's pissy, she's shocked.))

Regulus: Regulus was lying on his bed on his front. He was scratching away with his quill on something that could either be his journal, or homework. These days it was more likely to be the latter. Even though it was after school hours, he still had on his school robes. He paused for a moment, in thought, chewing on the end on his quill.

Narcissa: Narcissa was dressed in a long dark brown skirt and matching short sleeved shirt and sweater, non-school robes on top. Her hands were wearing mittens, hardly an inch of her skin was visible anywhere. She had on 3 layers of clothing and it was not unintentional. She had intended to look for Rodolphus, he was a great comfort to her during times like these and she'd spent eh previous evening with him but since he went to classes this morning (whereas she did not) she'd not been able to find him since. It was only 4 o'clock but she preferred not to be alone. Rodolplus' roommates told her he was probably in his brother's room, which is exactly where she was headed, walking down the corridor. She stopped in front of the door and knocked.

Regulus: Regulus ignored the knock. He was far too busy right now to be answering doors to unknown people. Then he realized that the dorm was, in fact, empty apart from himself. Sighing, he dragged himself up and threw open the green and silver hangings around his bed. Muttering inaudible grumbles, he went to the door and pulled it open. Narcissa. Normally he would have be grateful for her presence, however in light of recent events...Regulus's facial expression did not change. However his voice clearly displayed the fact that he was less than pleased to see her. "Narcissa. I suppose you want to come in."

Narcissa: Narcissa was taken aback by Regulus' reaction. At first when she saw his face a dreary thought came to her - she couldn't go through re-telling the story of what happened in the library again. But then his words, or rather his tone, sounded off. It was surprising. She'd thought he'd be grateful. "Um…Well I suppose, I'm looking for Rudy…" she said hesitantly but with an assertive expression.

Regulus: Regulus lent up against the open door. "Well, it looks like you've got the wrong dorm then." he said, with that same 'less than pleased' tone of voice. "*This* is the 5th year dorm." He wished she'd just go away. He really wasn't in the mood for seeing her right now, especially after the embarrassment he'd suffered today.

Narcissa: Narcissa was shocked. She didn't expect this behavior from his at all. "Yes I know this is the 5th year dorm" she said in an annoyed tone "I was told Rudy went to see his brother. I take it he's not here then?"

Regulus: Regulus gave Narcissa a 'look'. "Does it *look* like there's anyone else here?" he said, motioning inside the room.

Narcissa: Narcissa didn't bother to look into the room "No, it soen't look like there's anyone here at all." She gave head-to-toe look. Smoothing over her long hair she turned to leave.

Regulus: Regulus watched as she turned to leave. He had to say something. He couldn't help himself. "Oh and Cissy?" he said, in the cool voice he usually saved for when talking to those he deemed 'lesser' than himself, "Next time you try and get back at someone, have some consideration for those indirectly affected by it." With that, he turned about and shut the door with a satisfying 'Bang'.

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