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Ana and Lily in the Library.

((OOC; Yay! First Ana log! Go me! With a little bit of Lovely at the end, of course))

Lily Lily huffed slightly, dropping a small pile of rather thick books on a table near the back of the library. Taking a seat, she drew one near her and opened it, skimming and flipping through the pages, silently hoping to find something useful to help her get evidence out of who posted those pictures. She knew it was Narcissa, but she needed something other than assumptions. She needed proof.
Anastasia: Anastasia walked in, her dark robes billowing out behind her as she walked, her head down. A tell-tale smirk was on her lips as she looked down at the photograph she had in hand-one of the many that had been posted on the walls of the school. She laughed softly, carefully putting it into her journal, then put the journal into her side bag. She looked around for a moment, here just to browse, when she noticed a familiar red head. Her smirk returned, and she walked over.
"Lily." She stated, standing behind her and studying the book over her shoulder.
Lily Lily jumped slightly and snapped her head to the side, smiling a little when she saw who it was. "Good evening, Ana." After a moment, she gestured to a chair on the side of the table. "Sit, won't you?" And she turned back to the book for a minute, still flipping through the pages.
Anastasia: "But of course." She bowed slightly, and then walked over to the chair. "Dare I ask, what is it that you're reading?" She asked, inspecting the chair for a moment before sitting down. She had done the same thing when she met Lily for butterbeer.
Lily She lifted the book a little and showed Ana the cover, which read in curvy gold lettering Magical Means of Fingerprinting. Sighing a little, she turned back to it, before glancing up at Ana.
Anastasia: "Praytell, what's it for?" SHe asked, sliding her journal out again and pulling out the picture. Perhaps Lily would know wether or not it was Regulus' older brother in the picture. She studied it for a moment, the smirk returning.
Lily Lily's eye caught the picture and she frowned a little. "Those, actually. I'm going to see if there's a way I can lift the fingerprints from the photos and find out who posted them. I shouldn't bother, but it's dealing with two people from my House and wrongful accusations."
Anastasia: "Oh?" She said, looking up from the picture. "Friends of yours, I take it?" She asked, pointing at it, her smirk fading a bit now. She relaxed back into the chair, looking at the picture once more. "Hope it's not someone from Slytherin. Our House has bad enough of a reputation..." She sighed. "Though I doubt I would have liked another House any offense, of course, Lily."
Lily "None taken." She gave a weak smile and glanced back at her book before closing it with a dull thud. "And yes. Remus is another Prefect from Gryffindor, and Sirius and I get along.." Sighing a little, she ran a small hand through her red locks.
Anastasia: "Ahh, so it is Regulus' brother." The smirk returned, and she put the photograph away. "And the quiet boy's name is Remus? Hm. Never knew that...shall have to keep that in mind." She nodded a bit, closing her journal on the picture once more. "Looks a bit like him, wouldn't you say?" She asked, the 'him' she was talking about undefined.
Lily "Him? Who? Sirius and Regulus?" She raised an eyebrow slightly, looking back to Ana. She should have asked for the picture, as she was hoping to collect as many as possible, but ah.. she'd deal with it later.
Anastasia: "Yes." She said, putting her journal away now. She was intending on keeping that picture in her own personal collection. "Personalities don't seem to resemble each other that much, though." She sighed.
Lily "Well, they can act somewhat alike sometimes.. but they definitely have very different opinions of things." Shrugging a little, she leaned back into her chair, pulling another book into her lap. Then she bit her lip and glanced up at Ana. "You wouldn't happen to have heard anything about these photos at all, would you?"
Anastasia: She frowned a bit. "Are you implying that it was a person from my House?" She asked.
Lily She shook her head. "No, just wondering if you might have heard anything in the halls."
Anastasia: She shook her head. "Most I've heard is some first years 'ew'ing over the pictures." She said, and shrugged. "Little underappreciative runts. I mean, really, it's not like they're doing anything horrible." She sighed. "But, I guess, that's what you get from Muggle-bo-aahh, er, I meant Hufflepuffs..." She smiled in an attempt to relieve Lily from feeling insulted, not having meant to do so.
Lily Lily tensed a little, but tried to shrug it off and smiled again. "Even then, I doubt the photos are being truthful. I don't think it'd be hard to manipulate two different photos and have the outcome be these photos."
Anastasia: She nodded. "Still quite an amazing photograph, though, wouldn't you say?" She smirked. "I'd imagine it'd be hard to have him being held like he is, though, if the photo is altered..."
Lily "It's surprising what magic can do, I'd think." She was trying to hide the fact that she was getting a little nervous, staying on the subject. "Er, anyways. I should probably get back to researching.."
Anastasia: "Lily." A soft voice said again from behind her, making Ana jump this time and look up at Lovegood, who looked a bit hurried. The boy ignored the Slytherin, waiting for the redhead.
Lily She jumped, again, too. Turning in her seat, she smiled at Erik. "Ah. Erik. You've got them?" She gave him a bit of a hopeful look and held out her hand.
Anastasia: He nodded, and slid out a stack of photos almost an inch thick. He handed them to her. "Here, I hope they'll help..."
"Lily, why do you want so many photos?" Ana asked curiously, and frowned at Erik. "And are speaking to someone as...uncouth and off-balance as him?"
"I am not off-balance..." Erik replied, not looking at Ana.
Lily "I want as many of the photos as I can gather, so they don't get spread around the school again. And I'm talking to him, because, well.. he's nice to me, and we get along." She smiled at Ana and put the stack of photos in her bag, then glanced up at Erik. "Thank you, I really appreciate it."
Anastasia: He nodded, and smiled back a little. "I hope they help." He said softly. Ana sat back, crossing her arms and frowning faintly. She sighed softly, and stood with a bit of a flourish. "Well, I better get going, must owl mum..." She said. "Ta, Lily. Good luck with the fingerprinting, I'll let you know if ...any rumors occur."
Lily "Oh, er.. Ana?" She looked back up at the dark-haired girl. "Would you mind.. if I could have that photo you got? I'm really not wanting them to get back around the school."
Anastasia: She blinked, and frowned slightly. "You have my personal assurance that this photo will not be recirculated." She said softly. "But I would prefer to keep it..."
Lily Her face contorted into a bit of a puzzled expression, but she sighed and nodded a little. "All right.. well, anyways. I'll see you around, hm?"
Anastasia: She nodded quietly. "See you around." She turned and left the library, her robes flowing behind her. Erik sat down quietly.
Erik: "What's her problem?" He asked softly, though he did seem a bit put-off by her commentary on him.
Lily: "No idea." She sighed a bit and put her chin in her hand, resting her elbow on the table top and looking at Erik.
Erik: Erik looked back at her quietly. "Any luck?" He asked, checking his watch.
Lily: "Not much." She ran her fingers over the cover of the book infront of her. "I may have to resort to the muggle way, but that'd be a bit harder.."
Erik: "There's a muggle way?" He asked, looking curious.
Lily: "Yes, but I'd much rather do it magically, if possible." She glanced at him and then leaned back in her chair again. "Anyways, I really appreciate you gathering up those photos.."
Erik: He smiled his normal vague smile. "No problem. I saw you doing it this morning, in the hallway. Thought it was a good idea...." He explained, checking his watch again.
Lily: "Yeah, I wanted to get them down as quickly as possible.." She bit down onto her lower lip, and raised an eyebrow slightly. "Mind if I ask why you keep glancing at your watch?"
Erik: "I have Quidditch practice today." he offered another vague smile, but this time a faint blush tinted his cheeks. "say, do you know if the snitch has attacked anyone else...?"
Lily: She blinked and raised both eyebrows. "Not that I know of.. you'd probably be best to ask James, since he's the Gryffindor seeker."
Erik: He blinked, then nodded. "Good idea." He said, taking out a notepad and scribbling something down. "Thank you, Lily." He said softly, and checked his watch. "Well, I better get to practice..." He smiled at her.
Lily: "Right. Have a good one." She smiled to him, waving him off before turning back to her books and continuing her research.
Erik: "If you need my help again, just leave me a note in my journal." He said, before hastening away and to the Quidditch pitch.
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