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AIM RP log MWP style

(( OOC: Even with James in detention, the remaining Marauders continue with Hogsmeade plans. And remarkably, without trouble. ))

Peter: Peter Pettigrew sat at a back table in the Three Broomsticks, nursing a butterbeer. James had muttered vaguely about detention so he was waiting for Sirius and Remus by himself.

Remus: Remus stepped into the Three Broomsticks looking quite relieved to be out of the chilly weather and snow flurries. Brushing his fly-away hair forward into place with his fingers, he cast his glance around the tavern looking for his friends. He gave a tired smiled when he caught sight of Peter in the corner, heading over to join him. "Sorry I kept you waiting."

Sirius: Sirius had got up earlier than usual for the sake of meeting his mates at Hogsmeade... or more, ... or more, because of a return engagement of his chronic insomnia as brought on by nervousness. And now, as he stepped into the Three Broomsticks and spotted Peter and Remus in the corner, the nervousness, too, decided to visit again. He approached, more slowly, than he needed to, and announced himself with a blunt, "Right, James is in detention."

Remus: Remus looked up from his muggle-style coat's buttons at that, "He is? Ah.." He looked to Peter briefly, "You two don't have to stay then. You must have plans." He smiled, offering them out there and then if they didn't want to sit around there without James. It just figured that after all the trouble one of them wouldn't show.

Sirius: In half a breath's time, Sirius debated whether or not to run, glanced at the door, and finally sighed. "Damn right I do," he said, "And that would be... bothering you two, eh?"

Peter: Peter winced. This was why James needed to be here too. "Can't the three of us just sit here and talk for a bit?"

Sirius: Sirius raised an eyebrow, and smacked Peter lightly on the back of the head. "Just said I would, Wormy. Bloody well pay attention!"

Remus: Remus took their responses as confirmation that butterbeer and talk was still on. He finally shrugged off his coat and sat down at the table, "Excellent, because I've been looking forward to butterbeer all week."

Peter: Peter sipped at his butterbeer. "Figures Prongs would be in detention after all the, er, fuss about all of us being here."

Sirius: Sirius sat as well, as far from Remus as he could get without looking at him directly, and leaned his chair back, balancing it on the back legs. "Yeah, and he's going to blame me, all right, which is not on, although it's, haha, true."

Remus: "I'm sure he didn't consciously make an effort to get detention....this time. Though, it probably could have done with more thought." Remus said off-hand as he glanced around for Rosmerta, the effects of the moon discouraging him from standing at the bar if he could help it.

Sirius: Sirius snorted. "Right. 'cause James and thought are good friends." Better friends than thought and himself, admittedly, but even so.

Peter: "What didn't he do?"

Sirius: "It's not what you don't do, it's what you *do*, and in this case, Gony caught him hexing some Slytherin."

Remus: Not paying much attention to the conversation at hand, Remus finally slipped out of his chair to linger at the bar for a bit of service seeing that otherwise he would not be getting his butterbeer.

Sirius: Sirius watched Remus depart for a moment, and leaned his head against the back of the chair. "," he said after a moment, "Right, that's the way that is, and he's not here. Pretty much the whole story, that."

Peter: "Padfoot?" Peter said softly. "I'm sorry about earlier."

Sirius: Sirius looked at Peter strangely. "...right, well. Doesn't matter." He drummed his fingers against the table, wishing they could just... not talk about it anymore. Talking never seemed to do anything but worsen the situation anymore.

Remus: Remus returned looking slightly victorious with his butterbeer in hand, and resumed his seat, "So, Wormtail, are you remaining for the holidays?"

Peter: "Yeah, though I probably won't be going to the ball," Peter answered. "Don't have anyone to take."

Sirius: Sirius stared at the ceiling for a moment, then spontaneously hopped up, nearly toppling over his chair at the same time. "Be right back, eh?" He muttered, and headed for the bar.

Remus: Remus took a drink of his butterbeer and raised an eyebrow at Peter, "Have you even asked anyone yet..?"

Peter: "Who'd want to go with me?" Peter shrugged his shoulders.

Remus: "I'm sure someone would." Remus replied, looking down at his bottle. Sometimes it was just a little awkward to keep reassuring Peter, but then again, he was getting used to it. "Besides, you could go stag if you wanted. It wouldn't hurt anything."

Peter: "Are you going to go?"

Remus: "I'm considering it." Remus shrugged, tracing patterns absently in the bottle's condensation, "I don't exactly want to, but then again, absolute boredom doesn't sound too enticing either. ..Still thinking about it, hm?"

Sirius: Leaning against the bar, Sirius put in his order for a butterbeer. A moment later, mug in hand, he started back to the table. On second thought, he paused and withdrew a small flask from his jacket pocket, and poured in some of the liquid before returning.

Peter: "Are you going to the ball, Padfoot?"

Sirius: "Aha!" Sirius sat down again and took an unusually long sip of his butterbeer. He frowned at it. Not tasty, but... that wasn't the point anyway. "So that's what I missed, eh? Ball talk! Yeah, I am."

Remus: "Wormtail is refusing to go because he doesn't have a date." Remus noted in Sirius' general direction as he sipped his own butterbeer.

Sirius: Sirius rolled his eyes and furrowed his brown. "Is that so, eh? That's rubbish, I'm sure lots of people won't have dates."

Peter: "I wasn't refusing, really," Peter protested.

Remus: "Just need more convincing then." Remus smiled, correcting himself.

Sirius: Sirius rolled his eyes and leaned back again, renewing his balancing act. "You can sit in the corner and pout with James, eh? He tried to convince me not to go on account of his Evans troubles which remain unsorted."

Peter: "Oh, not the Lily business again." Peter sighed. "Maybe he ought to look elsewhere."

Sirius: "Told him to take Glenda or something." Sirius shrugged.

Remus: Remus pretended to understand and resisted asking for an update on the Lily business. Curbing curiosity was a bit more appropriate in this situation.

Sirius: Sirius took another long drink and sighed. "So right. He won't ask anyone, but he won't ask her, and he doesn't want to go alone so he wants to go home and sit in the corner and pretend he's fine, which he isn't, but what can you do? All I know is I'm not letting him drag my arse back there with him. ...though, you know, it's not like his house is bad, right. It's just, you know."

Peter: "Wish we could do something for him."

Sirius: Sirius shrugged. "Eh, it'll pass, you know? I mean, discomfort. It does that." Especially with the assistance of Jack Daniels.

Remus: "What? Brew up a love potion?" Remus blinked, looking at Peter, "This is his situation...though...he should stay at Hogwarts instead of running home for the holiday. Looking at it lightly, Christmas would be inconvenient." He took a sip of his butterbeer, before adding, "Plus, Hogwarts has mistletoe. Not that I imply anything."

Sirius: "'Cause he's got someone to kiss." Sirius muttered with a small smirk. "But right, I'll charm his arse in place if I've got to."

Peter: Peter cast about for something, anything, to say. Then, inspiration hit him. "You know, we haven't done a good prank in /ages/."

Remus: "I think someone really needs to tend to that map before there's any elaborate after-hours adventures." Remus responded, sitting back in his seat and looking away from their table.

Sirius: Sirius swished his butterbeer around idly, and glanced around the room. "...yeah true. I'll drag James over and work on with him, eh?"

Remus: "Good luck." Remus said, with a hint of defeat in his voice, "I can't figure it out for the life of me. Then again, there's still some books in the Restricted Section you two could try." He thought back to a run in with Snape that had prevented him from getting them.

Sirius: Sirius took another drink. "Eh, besides. Can't beat Padfoot and Prongs for brilliance." He swished the mug again. "...put us together and the world'll bloody explode from overload." He smirked a bit. Kidding. Kind of.

Remus: "We bow before your collective IQ." Remus said lightly as he drained the last bit of his butterbeer.

Sirius: "Ought to," Sirius said with a chuckle. "Peons, the rest of the world."

Peter: Peter laughed. "You're a nutter, you know that?"

Sirius: "Oi, people keep *saying* that," Sirius twisted the mug in his hand. "Not a ruddy clue what they're on about. Just 'cause I know how bloody superior I am. ...right, present company excepted. You know, mostly."

Remus: "Should we clear out the room? Your ego is making it a little bit crowded." Remus smiled, sliding the empty bottle back and forth between his hands.

Sirius: Sirius stuck out his tongue and put down his mug. "See, Moony, those are the words of a bloke who can't accept that..." He held up fingers, counting out points. "First, I'm bloody fantabulous, and two, so are you lot, except just slightly not as much."

Peter: "Did you hear that, Moony? We're only slightly fantabulous," Peter winked.

Sirius: "No, just slightly not as fantabulous as *me."

Remus: "I always thought Wormtail was the most fab of our group, personally." Remus said, looking slightly amused, "I hear he's even got statues being built in his likeness. That's a lot to compete with Padfoot."

Sirius: Sirius shook his head in a most exaggerated mockery of sadness. "I can up that, mate. ...they're only building the statues 'cause I said so. See, top that."

Peter: "Remus is the god of Panicked Students," Peter offered.

Remus: "James has his own religion." Remus offered.

Sirius: "The birds around Hogwarts worship my stolen socks," Sirius said.

Remus: "Wormy invented worship."

Sirius: "I invented Wormy."

Remus: Remus laughed, "Oyi. Okay…I give. Point Paddy." He waved a hand absently and looked at Peter, "And no..not a god. I am but a humble preacher of all your greatness."

Sirius: Sirius shook his head sadly. "Peons, I say." He grinned, feeling a bit emboldened, both by the liquor and the steadily calming atmosphere. "So what have you lot been doing lately anyway?"

Remus: "Besides over seeing the construction of temples and statues?" Remus asked with a shrug, "School mostly." He looked over at Peter to see what he had to say.

Peter: "Trying to remember why I took Potions."

Sirius: Sirius nodded solemnly. "Yeah actually, that's a good ruddy question, Peter, why did you take Potions?" He took another sip. "...for that matter, why did *I*?"

Remus: "Are both of you having trouble in Potions?" Remus wondered, glancing back and forth between the two of them.

Peter: "I think I must have had some bad chocolate when I scheduled or something," Peter said. "I'm doing a little better, but not that much."

Sirius: Sirius shrugged. "I'm not having trouble, I'm just bored. The whole bloody subject bores me. I took it on account of its being useful, but that doesn't make it *interesting.*"

Remus: "Isn't that a NEWT class though?" Remus wondered, slight crease forming between his eyebrows as he worried on the importance in the classic Remus style, "Kind of important..."

Sirius: "Important? Eh, could be." Sirius nodded. "Still doesn't make it interesting. Come on, bloody brewing and stirring and blah blah. Told you before, anything without spellwork? Dull."

Remus: "As long as you maintain your marks, you're welcome to be bored." Remus cautioned, slightly reassured, "Otherwise you'll have a nice mark on your permanent record."

Sirius: "Pfft, my marks are fine, you know that." Sirius scowled and let his chair drop back level. "Should have known I'd get the Moony nagging treatment." He winked at Remus to show that he didn't mind.

Peter: "Well, you know, one of us ought to be sensible," Peter said lightly.

Remus: Remus leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table, "Y'know what would be sensible though? Potions lessons with Padfoot, Wormtail." He looked at the both of them.

Peter: "How is that sensible?"

Sirius: Sirius blinked. "Oi, what?" He glanced at Peter, eyebrow raised. "Right, 'cause I'm such a bloody great teacher! I'd probably explain it all wrong then punch a wall when he said it made no sense."

Remus: Remus rolled his eyes, having more than expected such a reaction. "He could use the help though. Wall or no wall."

Sirius: Sirius drained the remainder of his butterbeer and thought, finger swirling against the tabletop. " fist's in more danger than him or the wall," he said, his skepticism now laced with thought. "Still..."

Peter: "Any help would be wonderful," Peter said to Sirius.

Sirius: Sirius gave a half smile, and reached over to rustle Peter's hair. "You've got it, eh? We've got to get our schedules linked though, 'cause I've always got a bloody thousand things going on." He paused for a moment, and shook his head. "...none of which are as important as my mates, so just tell me when you need me and I'm there, eh?"

Remus: Remus stifled a smile by pretending to examine his sweater momentarily.

Peter: Peter ducked his head. "Got it."

Sirius: Sirius cast a sly glance over at Remus and ruffled his hair while the latter looked down. "And OI, Moony. That goes for you too, eh?"

Remus: Remus blinked, not sure of how to respond to that appropriately, "..Right. Thanks." He smiled on default. "And both of you, thanks for coming today, hm?"

Sirius: Sirius looked at Remus oddly, and leaned his chair back again. "...what are you thanking us for *that* for? Oi. Wasn't a favor you know." He laughed softly.

Peter: Peter nudged Remus. "We're friends, remember?"

Sirius: Sirius stared at the ceiling, not quite certain that he and Remus actually did qualify as friends. Well, at least they weren't outwardly hostile anymore. "Should have gotten a bigger mug," he muttered.

Remus: "One could find it ultimately inconvenient, anyway." Remus said, standing up from his seat as he spoke. He fished around in the pocket of his well-worn corduroys for a moment before producing a few coins. "I need to go, but take these as payment for your butterbeer expenses." He dropped them on the table and picked up his coat.

Sirius: Sirius raised an eyebrow and pushed the coins away. "You've got to be joking. Pfft."

Remus: "Consider it my first bit of Christmas shopping for the day then." Remus remarked, shrugging on his coat and dismissing complaints.

Peter: "You didn't have to, you know."

Sirius: "Right right. But I'll get you back for that you know." Sirius watched Remus, carefully.

Remus: "Oh I'm frightened, Padfoot." Remus chuckled and patted Peter on the shoulder, "You two enjoy your day. I'll see you back at the castle more than likely."

Peter: "Have fun, then."

Sirius: "Should be," Sirius said with a slight smirk. "Oi, tell Lovegood 'hey' for me, yeah?"

Remus: Remus raised an eyebrow, wondering why Sirius was suddenly exchanging greetings with Lovegood, "...Alright." He said, deciding not to wonder. "Bye!" He said and exited into the bitter weather to track down Erik.

Sirius: Sirius watched Remus depart, a slight veil of sadness settling over his face before he turned back to the table.

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