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((Danny meets Erik's parents and Erik's grandmother.))

Erik had just departed from his meeting with Remus, and walked quietly down the streets of Hogsmeade.
"Daniel!" He called when he noticed the other boy, smiling faintly and waving. He jogged a little and stopped in frnt of him. "Ready?" he smiled a little.
Danny Danny took a deep breath. "I think so."
Erik He smiled warmly, though his eyes seemed a bit nervous. "Well, we have ten minutes before we meet mother..." he said softly. "Want to do anything until then?"
Danny Danny fidgeted with his hair. "Where are we meeting them again?"
Erik "The little inn with the odd name, that's close to the more residential area of Hogsmeade." Lovely said softly.
Danny "Let's go there."
Erik Lovely took his hand, and led him quietly to the inn. A woman who looked like she was in her forties stood out front, in a sweeping green cloak. her eyes were a navy blue, and her hair a dark red with a few grey streaks. Lovely paused uncertainly, and smiled a little.
"Grandmother!" he said, coming over. She looked at him, and smiled.
"Erik...hello...." She said softly, moving over. A cane had been hidden by the folds of the cloak, and she supported herself with it as she moved towards him. He walked to her, and hugged her.
"Grandmother, this is Daniel." he said softly, smiling at him.
Danny Danny smiled shyly. "Hallo."
Erik She smiled. "hello, Daniel. Erik told me about you..." SHe said softly, moving closer to him. She studied him for a moment, then offered her hand.
Danny Danny, after glancing quickly at Erik, took her hand. "He's told me a bit about you too."
Erik "Good, I hope." She smiled warmly at her grandson. Erik blushed a little.
"Where's mother?"
"Attempting to drag your father away from that da,mnable sweet shop." She frowned a bit, then softened. "I'm sorry, like that shop, don't you..."
"I like some of its sweets, yes." He said softly. "I don't like how crowded it normally is, though..."
"Much better on summer holidays, when we spent them here?" The woman smiled. He nodded a bit.
Danny "All good," Danny smiled. "It's nice to meet you at last."
Erik "I would say the same, but seeing as I only found out this Monday that my grandson has a lov-"
"Boyfriend." Erik said, and whispered it, turning red. Her eyebrows raised.
"...boyfriend..." She said softly. "It came as a bit of a shock,..."
Danny Danny turned red and stared at the ground. "Um."
Erik "Grandmother, may we go inside and get a table?"
"Of course." She waved them off. "I'll wait here for your two go inside."
Danny Danny held the door open for Erik, still blushing fiercely.
Erik Erik thanked him, still bright red as well. he quickly found a table large enough to fit them all, and sat down.
Danny Danny buried his face in his hands. "Oh Merlin."
Erik "what's wrong?"
Danny "She doesn't like me."
Erik "Yes she does!" he took a hold of his hand. "Why do you think she doesn't?"
Danny Danny squeezed Erik's hand. "I don't think she approves of, well, us."
Erik He squeezed back. "Why do you say that, though..." He asked softly.
Danny He shrugged. "I don't know. It just seemed that way to me."
Erik He smiled. "I think she's in a bad mood because of father..."
Danny "Oh."
Erik He hugged him softly as his grandmother entered, and saw them. She made her way over rather quickly, and pulled them apart.
"If you wish to stay together I highly suggest that you star apart for now." She said softly to Erik, sitting next to him.
Danny "Sorry," Danny said faintly.
Erik "It's all right, but Erik's father does not approve of Erik' style." SHe said softly, frowning a bit at Erik, who blushed and hid behind a menu.
Danny "That's, um, what Erik said."
Erik "..." She looked at Erik, then smiled at him. "Erik's a smart boy." She said softly, since Erik couldn't see her. He turned red behind the menu.
"Mother!" A voice said, moving closer to the table. A young woman came up, with a thick italian accent. Her skin was the same olive tone as Erik's, but her eyes and hair were brown. Her hair was curly. "ah, you must be Erik's cuore dolce!" She said, sitting next to Erik.
"Oh, excuse me..." A man said, after bumping into the table next to them. He sat by the dark-haired woman, his skin sheet-white, his hair a pale blonde. His eyes were shiny and blue. He smield vaguely around the table, his eyes slightly unfocused.
"Ah..I see everyone is here..."
"Father, this is Daniel, la madre, questa è Daniel." he said, smiling at them.
"Erik, I can speak English just fine, you know that, dolcezza..."
"Sweety, you shouldn't slip into Italian." The man chided her gently.
"Call me Rebeka." The woman smiled at Daniel. "This is my husband, Maurice."
"nice to meet you, Daniel..." The man nodded at him.
Danny Danny hurriedly stood up. "Hallo. It's nice to meet you."
Erik "No need to stand, David!"
"Daniel, honey, Daniel." Rebeka whispered to her husband.
"Daniel! Sit, sit!" He smiled. "Are you old enough to drink?"
"Maurice!" The grandmother snapped, her eyes burning. "He's a _CHILD_ it's bad enough you attempt to get Erik to drink!"
"But I was just being friend-"
"That is no excuse!" She snapped, silencing the man.
"La nonna, si calma prego giù. Siete embarrassing me!" Erik said, turning a horrible shade of red. "Daniel, sono così spiacente, scuso prego l'mio-OH, dammit, come dico questo in inglese-Daniel, I'm sorry about my grandmother!" He whispered.
"You should be embarrassed by your father." His grandmother muttered, settling back down. His father, meanwhile, didn't seem like he realized what happened.
Danny Danny sank into his chair, eyes wide. "I'm not, really."
Erik "Ah, that's too bad." Maurice grinned. "Some of the best firewhiskey at this inn..." he winked at Daniel.
"So!" Rebeka said, jumping in before grandmother could go off again. "Daniel, what are you studying in school, caro?" She smiled eagerly at him, as Erik's grandmother called over a waiter and ordered a drink for herself.
Danny "Arithmancy and Runes are the big ones," Danny answered.
Erik "Ah, mother took Arithmancy!" She clapped her hands in delight. "And Erik does too. Do you have classes together?" Maurice got himself some firewhiskey, then Rebeka some wine.
"What would you like?" The waiter asked Daniel.
Danny "Pumpkin juice, please." He smiled at Rebeka. "No, I'm a year ahead of him."
Erik "L'amperora, in modo da voi gradisce gli uomini più anziani, Erik?" her eyes sparkled, and Erik blushed.
"Mother..." She said shyly. The waiter got Erik's order (pumpkin juice), and left. She chuckled, and looked at Daniel.
"Maurice is three years my junior." She said softly. Maurice nodded, looking around the restraunt.
Danny "How did you meet him?"
Erik "He stayed after class in the greenhouse, I cam there to get a book I forgot...we talked." She smiled. Maurice nodded, not paying attention. "He liked my accent."
Danny Danny smiled. "That's neat. Were you both Ravenclaws?"
Erik "He was Hufflepuff."
"Uh-huh.." he checked his watch. "Where is that waiter? I need to leave in an hour and I want to eat first!"
"Maurice!" The grandmother snapped at him.
"What?!" He frowned at her, finally seeming to realize where he was and what was going on.
Danny Danny looked nervously at Erik.
Erik Erik reached under the table, and squeezed his hand.
"I'm sorry." He mouthed to him. Maurice and his grandmother had begun to argue, his grandmother trying to point out that Maurice was here for his *son*, Maurice acting almost as if he didn't have a son.
Danny Danny mouthed back, "It's okay."
Danny He was beginning to wish he'd gone for the firewhiskey.
Erik Erik bit his lip, and moved a bit closer to Danny, his hand shaking a little now. SUddenly, the waiter came, startling Maurice. His grandmother turned, and stormed out, and Maurice sat down, smiling a bit, his eyes losing focus. He took the dirnk, and thanked the man as he set out the drinks.
"So. Um. What's everyone hungry for?"
Erik Maurice smiled. "I'm not sure...what are you having, Daniel, m'boy?" He asked. Erik's breathing was a little heavier, and he was staring at the menu again.
"And I am having this." Erik's mother pointed at a picture in the menu-some sort of steak.
Danny "That steak looks pretty good," Danny said.
Erik She smiled. "Yes." She chuckled, though she sounded a bit nervous. "Mother makes steak wonderfully...Erik, curo, what are you getting?"
"...." He looked quietly at the menu for a few moments. "Chicken..."
Danny Danny sipped at his pumpkin juice. It was easy to see where some of Erik's little... quirks had come from.
Erik "Danny, do you have your order picked out?" Rebeka asked, her eyes blazing. Erik's hand found Danny's under the table, and he smiled a little at the other boy, weakly.
Danny Danny squeezed Erik's hand as tightly as he dared. "Yes, I think I'm going to have the steak and potatoes."
Erik "Ah, good choice!" Rebeka nodded. "You should come over at summer, with Erik. I could have my mother make you steak..."
"Grendel-that's her mother-is an excellent cook." Maurice agreed, smiling. He barely seemed aware of where he was.
Danny "I would like that," Danny smiled at Rebeka. "I'd have to talk to Mam and Da, of course. Maybe Erik could come visit me for a bit."
Erik "I'm sure he would love to!"
"Yeah..." Erik smiled vaguely at his mother, his eyes not really focused. His hand stayed with Daniel's.
"Where the bloody hell is our waiter?" Maurice frowned, then noticed him. He called him over. "Well, then. everyone, order..."
Danny Danny ordered, giving the waiter a highly apologetic smile.
Erik The waiter smiled back a little, taking the rest of their orders as well.
"I better go check on mother..." Rebeka said.
"Why? She can take care of herself." Maurice said, looking at her curiously. Rebeka forced a smile.
"Still..." She left quickly.
Danny Danny fidgeted with his fork.
Erik Lovely stood up, his hand leaving Daniel's. "I...bathroom..."
"Of course, Derek." His father smiled in his direction. "Hurry back, the food should be here soon..." Erik nodded, and left quickly.
Danny "I... have to go there too." Danny smiled awkwardly then hurriedly followed Erik.
Erik Erik was standing in front of the sink. he looked as though he had just splashed water on his face, and he was breathing heavily.
Danny "Hey, you okay?" Danny said, putting a hand on Erik's shoulder.
Erik Erik jumped, looking up at Danny.
"Danny! Oh, oh, Daniel, I'm sorry!" he said, looking anxious.
Danny Danny risked a quick hug. "What for?"
Erik Erik hugged back, clingign a little. "i..I didn't think they'd act like this." he said softly. "usually father and Nonna usually don't fight like this..."
Danny "Why are they?"
Erik "...usually, at home, they avoid each other...she doesn't approve of him.." he said, anxious.
Danny "Oh." Danny hugged Erik tightly.
Erik He hugged back, and buried his face in his shoulder, breathing in his scent.
Danny "Not too much longer, right?" Danny murmured in Erik's ear.
Erik Erik nodded. "Forty minutes, then father has to leave..." Erik closed his eyes. "Do that again...I like how it felt..." He whispered.
Danny "What, whisper in your ear?"
Erik He nodded.
Danny "Then after dinner's over and we say goodbye, we can go back to the dorms," Danny obligingly whispered.
Erik erik shivered a bit, and nodded. "And relax?" He whispered, then suddenly pulled away at the noise of footsteps. He turned back to the sink just as his father opened the door, looking a bit confused.
"Food came...your mother sent me to get you, Erik. You feeling okay, boy?"
"Fine, father..." he murmured as he washed his hands. "be right there."
"Don't take too long...only a half hour left." Maurice tapped his watch, and left.
Danny Danny leaned against the wall, his heart racing. "And relax," he managed to say.
Erik Erik nodded quietly. "Let's go..." His smile was gone, and his eyes were downcast. He left the washroom, and made the way back to the table quickly. His grandmother was back, her eyes fierce.
Danny Danny slid in his seat, eyes focused on the floor.
Erik "Eat, the food's good." Maurice said. "So, Danny, what do you plan on becoming? Hopefully not another journalist." His tone was teasing, and he glanced at Erik as he said it.
Danny "I'm not sure yet. I think I want to work in the Ministry, though. Maybe in the Mysteries section."
Erik "Ah, a good job!" He nodded. "Friend is in it. Don't know much about the job, not allowed to say and what not." he was eating rather quickly. "Derek, eat your food." He poked Erik with his fork.
Danny Danny eats his food, keeping an eye on Erik.
Erik Erik ate a few bites, and was silent the entire time as Maurice talked about his travels. Rebeka clung to his every word, and Grendel watched the boys.
Danny Danny finished the last bit of steak and sighed. "That was good."
Erik Maurice nodded. "Quite." He finished off his drink> "Well, I best be off." He kissed Erik's cheek. "Be good while I'm gone, Derek. Don't do anything stupid." He grinned, standing up. "Good bye, Grendel."
"Farewell, Maurice." The woman responded, still watching Erik and Daniel.
"and don't let Erik get into too much trouble, eh, Daniel?" He thumped Danny hard on the back, sending him into the table. Rebeka walked outside with him.
Danny "I'll do my best," Danny squeaked.
Erik He grinned. "That's a good boy." He said before leaving.

"...." Erik closed his eyes, and took Daniel's hand again.
Danny Danny smiled nervously at Erik's grandmother.
Erik She smiled back, her smile and eyes warm (her features still intesne though without anger). "Do not be frightened of me, Daniel." She said softly. "Erik, eat something, please..."
"Yes, nonna." he said, and began to eat his steak.
Erik Once Erik was finished, his grandmother smiled a bit. "Erik, go and get you and your friend some honeyduke's treats..." She handed him a leather pouch, and he nodded. He took it and left, leaving Grendel and Daniel alone.
"Daniel." She said softly. "May I speak with you a moment?"
Danny "Okay."
Erik "Daniel." She moved to sit next to him. "Why are you with my grandson?"
Danny Danny did not meep. That would be undignified. "I like him very much."
Erik She nodded quietly. "Did you know Erik wishes for a child?" She asked softly, her intense eyes studying him.
Danny "He does?"
Erik She nodded quietly. "That is what I am worried about." She said softly. "And if you truly care for Erik...that this is not some passing fancy."
Danny "If... I... I just want to make him happy."
Erik She smiled warmly at Daniel, then reached over and patted his hands softly. "Would you like to stay with us for a while this summer?" She offered. "Maurice would not be there."
Danny "I would like that very much," Danny nodded.
Erik She smiled, and nodded. "I am assuming you want to be with Erik again, now?" She asked, standing.
Danny Danny winked. "I have to make sure I get some of the chocolate, you know."
Erik she laughed softly, smiling at him.
"I like you, Daniel Wood...take care of my Grandson." She said softly, smiling at him as she went to pay.
Danny "I will," Danny promised.
Erik She nodded.

Erik was in the shop, only a few students left there now. He was looking at the chocolate frogs, debating about what to get.
Danny Danny nudged Erik gently. "Get those ones."
Erik Erik jumped, and smiled at him.
"Okay..." he said softly, getting them. "Do you want anything?"
Danny "Just the chocolate frogs."
Erik He nodded, doubling them and going to pay. He shoved them into his pockets, and led Daniel back up to the castle.
Danny Once in the dorm, Danny hugged Erik fiercely. "Are you okay?"
Erik Erik hugged back. "Yes..." he said softly. "A little...I'm with you, aren't I?" He whispered to him, closing his eyes. He wanted to start crying again.
Danny Danny kissed Erik's cheek. "You are. And I'm here with you too. It wasn't so bad. Really."
Erik He smiled back faintly. "C..Can we go to bed and talk there?" he asked softly.
Danny "Of course we can." Danny took Erik's hand and led him to the bed.
Erik Erik slid out of his cloak, crawling into bed and taking the chocolate with him. He curled against Danny, ripping open a chocolate frog.
Danny "Your mam seems nice," Danny offered after a few moments.
Erik "She is..." He slid off his pants and shirt, leaving his boxers. He kissed Daniel softly, his body tense.
Danny "What's wrong?"
Erik "What do you mean?"
Danny "You're tenser then McGonagall."
Erik "I'm sorry..."
Danny Danny rubbed Erik's back. "It's okay. It's just you and me here."
Erik Erik relaxed a little, eatingt one of the chocolate frogs. "Kiss me?" he asked softly.
Danny Danny kissed Erik softly.
Erik Erik kissed back softly, his hands reaching up to undo Daniel's shirt as they kissed.
Danny Danny ran his fingers through Erik's hair. "I... love you."
Erik Erik blinked, and blushed a little. Then he smiled. " love me?" he whispered.
Danny Danny nodded shyly. "Yeah."
Erik He kissed him softly, snuggling close, looking deeply into Daniel's eyes.
"i love you too..." he whispered. Though his eyes weren't the same color, they had the same shape and intense look as his grandmother's.
Danny Danny shivered at the intensity. He continued to play with Erik's hair.
Erik Erik's eyes fell closed, and he moved closer to Danny, kissing his neck softly.
Erik Suddenly, Erik bit down on Danny's neck, suckign the flesh into his mouth.
Danny Danny jumped. "Merlin!"
Erik Erik ingored it, continuing to harrass the area of flesh for a while, all the time undressing Daniel until they were both in boxers.
Danny After the initial shock, Danny found that he enjoyed the sensation. "Mmm, Erik..."
Erik Erik pressed against him, moving to kiss and suck at the other side of the neck, though not as ferociously as he had been,
Danny Danny's hand tightened in Erik's hair. "That... feels good."
Erik erik continued for a bit, then slowly kissed back up to Danny's mouth.
Danny Danny kissed him deeply.
Erik He kissed back, wrapping his arms around Danny. Slowly, he broke the kiss. "I love you." he whispered again.
Danny "I love you too," Danny said softly.
Erik He smiled, laying down gently on him, closing his eyes. "Rub my back and whisper to me?" he asked softly, snuggling into him.
Danny "Anything in particular?" Danny asked as he gently massaged Erik's back.
Erik "anything." he said softly. "Even if you're just reading whichever card I got with my frog..." he murmured.
Danny "It's Dumbledore," Danny whispered obligingly. "If you were curious."
Erik Hew shiverde a bit, nodding. He began to relax.
Danny "Let's see. Um. I got new dress robes today."
Erik "Uh-huh..." he was started to fall asleep already.
Danny "It's blue with silver trim."
Erik He made a noise, falling asleep as Danny spoke.
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